New production horizon is opened at the Altykui oil field

The oil flow has been received during the development of exploration well No. 34 at the Altykui oil field in the western oil-bearing region of Turkmenistan. Specialists of Korpeje drilling department of the State Concern Turkmenneft completed the drilling at 4,100 metres. Productive horizon has been opened at 4,060 meters. It provided significant flow of liquid hydrocarbons.

Departments of the State Concern Turkmenneft successfully develop the Altykui field from 2010. According to the specialists, this is one of the most perspective oil-bearing deposits in the southwest of Turkmenistan. These days, there are several operational wells providing industrial flow of oil and exploration works are continued.

Personnel of the Institute Nebitgazylmataslama of the State Concern Turkmenneft who studied perspective deposit have suggested that the location of Altykui between Gumdag and Bugdayly can occupy bigger territory than it was thought before and have strong oil-bearing layers on the lower horizons. Having drilled exploration well until the planned depth and opened productive horizon, the oilmen confirmed the forecast of the scientists about developed structure of oil-bearing deposit in this area.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper