New Russian oil production technologies enter the Turkmen market

Based in Yekaterinburg, the company "Oil-hydrodrives of Konkov" is ready to provide the fuel and energy complex of Turkmenistan with innovative solutions to improve the efficiency of oil production. Prospects for the supply of oil and gas equipment to Turkmenistan and the introduction of new production and refining technologies were discussed at the meeting of Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Ashgabat Alexander Blokhin with the head of the company Vladimir Konkov, the magazine "Oil and gas vertical" reports.

In particular, they discussed opportunities for private investment by Russian business circles in projects to restore non-exploited wells. LLC "Oil-Hydraulic drivers of Konkov" specializes on the design, manufacture and service of oil equipment. Developed by the company a hydraulic deep well pump favorably to the outdated method of production using mechanical actuators or so-called pumping units.

Despite the fact that the machine-rocking chair is a classic symbol of oil production worldwide, its power is designed for the pumping of "black gold" from wells to a maximum depth of 2.5-3.3 km, while the equipment of the Ural designers allows to extract hydrocarbons from depths of 4 km. Thus, at 30-100% increase in well production.

Other advantages of Ural oil and gas drives include compact size, energy efficiency and remote automatic production control.

Modernization of production infrastructure, introduction of best practices and establishment of interested cooperation with foreign partners are among the priorities facing the oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan. The successful solution of these issues is aimed primarily at the effective implementation of the hydrocarbon potential of the country and the expansion of the resource base for the petrochemical industry.

Source: Nebit-Gaz