New trends and the history of urban construction are on the pages of specialized magazine

Regular issues of quarterly magazine Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan was published. It is opened with brightly illustrated essay about new automobile and railroad bridges across Amudarya River, which were commissioned recently. These facilities implement innovations in engineering project design. The reader will be able to find detailed information about them and series of bright photos will allow seeing special design features.

Ashgabat, the capital of the country is actively expanded with new construction sites. Dozens of unique facilities like modern architectural ensembles of marbled administrative, public and living buildings are being built every year in the city, the parks and public gardens are made according to European standards, new speed highways are laid, under- and overpasses and bridges are erected, monuments are constructed and even old city outskirts are developed and built over with comfortable houses. One of the articles of the issues is dedicated to modern living complex Parahat 7.

Other articles of the issues review legislation basis of architectural and urban construction works in the country, explain the provisions of the Law of Turkmenistan On Architectural Activity, which establishes legal, economic and organization foundations in this sphere and aimed at formation of favourable environment for people's life, achievement of aesthetical expressiveness, reliability of the buildings, construction and complexes.

Large work on city beautification, bringing its new and old districts to high modern standards combining the traditions of national architecture with advanced solutions, which allow avoiding the monotony in urban construction and visually demonstrating the spirit of new time, are carried out of the threshold of V Asian Games in Ashgabat.

Modern Ashgabat impresses with the combination of smart look and comfort, elegant architectural style and picturesque landscape design. Separate article is dedicated to new decorative sculptures installed in the centre of three transport intersections of Nurmuhammed Andalib Avenue.

The article Formation of Modern Cities of Turkmenistan under the Science section is oriented on the specialists and narrates about the beginning of urban development of small cities of the country like Atamyrat, Bayramali, Serdar, Turkmenabat and Turkmenbashy at the turn of the XIX- XX centuries. The basis of their planning infrastructure reflecting the principles of European urban construction were laid in that period. Many buildings erected in the cities a century ago have their own individual features and now are protected by the Government as architectural monuments of those days.

The Theory Section presents the article on impact of the climate on architecture, national unique identity on construction activity. The author highlights that from the ancient times, natural conditions dictated people what type of construction, which is more adapted local environment, to build. The climate and available resources of building materials always used to determine the uniqueness of architectural forms in each specific region of the world. The same prepositions have to be considered in formation of modern architecture of cities and villages stipulating their specific features, which are defined by the word identity.

The Theory Section is continued by the article Project is the Basis of Construction Facility explaining the regulations of Construction Standards of Turkmenistan, the compliance with which is required from the project designers and also describe the entire work cycle from collecting of pre-project documentation until author's supervision of the construction.

The main regulatory document of construction in seismic regions, issues of construction, which is aimed at improvement of ecological monitoring of irrigated territory are among other materials of the magazine.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH