New villages of Ahal: innovations against the background of traditions

1600 cottage type houses will be built in the next three years in new villages of the Akhal region. The foundations of these houses were laid on the territory of the Geoktepe etrap (two), in the gengeshlik of Onaldy of the etrap Ak Bugday and Gowshut - in Kaakhka. On the territory of more than 100 hectares, which will be occupied by each of the four settlements of the new sample, it is planned to build 400 one-storey houses: five, four and three-bedroom.

House designs were created taking into account the peculiarities of the lifestyle and national traditions, therefore, next to the residential buildings there is a personal plot of 16 acres, a shed for household needs, a garage. Administrative buildings, cultural and social infrastructure facilities will be built on the territory of the villages. General education schools will be designed for 620 students each, kindergartens - for 320 places. There are also shopping centers, fire stations, places for celebrations and national ceremonies, etc. The original style of the new villages will be emphasized by the original elements of landscape design.

Projects of creating new villages, implemented by government and business structures within the framework of the national program of reforms, are aimed at increasing the economic and socio-cultural parameters of the population's life in the regions, and increasing the level of employment.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper