New Year’s circus program pleased the audience with bright original numbers

The artists of the Turkmen State Circus greeted the audience with a festive performance. Christmas trees appeared on the circus arena, turning it into a forest glade where the Dog and the Piglet met, two zodiac symbols of the year and the coming year. The dog did not want to give way to the Pig, and a dispute arose between them. The dog even turned to the audience for support, but no one supported it, because everyone wanted to meet the New Year as soon as possible. And then instead of the traditional parade-alle, a merry carnival began with the participation of dancers, acrobats, equilibrists and clowns.

The arena literally fluttered with a white dove on the Medina Bayramdurdiyev ring. This very beautiful room is called "Snowflake". All participants of the performance, including the dancer of the ballet group, are dressed in snow-white costumes. In the course of the room, pigeons flew to the arena and flew. As if by a wave of the magic sticks of the trainers of Medina and Jeren Chashemova, they flew up and obediently sat on the balls, creating the illusion of bird dance. This beginning of the presentation inspired a sense of winter romance.

Number Snowflake changed the performance of aerial gymnast Liliana Yusupova. She elegantly rises on the ring under the dome of the circus and with seeming ease, as if dancing, performs amazing tricks, keeping the public in suspense. The culmination of the number was a trick in which, holding her fingers in the ring in the ring, she, without ceasing to rotate, welcomed the public.

In the cowboy style Bayramdurdy Bayramdurdyev performed the number "Khlysty", and the dancers of the ballet group became his assistants. This number was liked not only by spectators, but also by clownery masters - Rovshen Melyaev and Pena Mamedkuliyev, who decided to repeat it. And over the fact that they have succeeded, the public has long mocked.

In the arena there is a horse named Akdag, which in Turkmen means White Mountain. His broad back was used as a platform on which three horsemen were placed. At full speed, the horsemen managed to juggle with clubs and even jump over the rope.

It seemed that the circus actress, she's a student of the institute of culture Bostan Akmuradova, never part with the hula hoops. What the gymnast did not do with them: she danced, rotating them on her arms and torso, made various figures from them, performed dizzying stunts with their help.

Charming trained poodles - pupils of Elmira Goshaeva, flaunting in elegant skirts, filled the playpen, giving the audience joyful emotions and having subdued diligent performance of all teams.

And as always, the acrobats of the Galkynysh group made an indelible impression on the audience with their amazing dexterity. They performed all sorts of tricks, jumping with rope. And it is not clear where these artists get their imagination for their new combinations with rotating double and triple ropes. The audience, who carefully watched the brilliant performance of the dzhigits, gave them a storm of applause.

The famous rider Serdar Bayramdurdyev in the Tylar room acted as a trainer. Eight horses - four black and four black - came to the arena in a New Year's dress: with a red garland around his neck and a red cap on his head. In the middle of the room, Serdar tickled the nerves of the spectators, who were holding their breath, and ran between the legs of the lined up animals.

And as always, at top speed, the Akhal-Teke horses galloped around the arena. Dzhigits famously jumped on them, performing dizzying stunts. A whirlwind swept through the arena by two delightful Amazons, who also showed the wonders of horse racing. The room was bright, beautiful, exciting.

A potpourri from the works of Turkmen and foreign composers performed by an orchestra conducted by Honored Worker of Culture of Turkmenistan Rovshen Nepesov effectively emphasized the atmosphere of filigree craftsmanship and the New Year wonders.

And yet the New Year's performance without Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden does not happen ... The smallest participant of the performance Medina Bairamdurdyeva again goes to the playpen. She performs a perky children's song, in which she asks Santa Claus and Snow Maiden to go out to the audience. The voices of boys and girls sitting in the stands join the voice of Medina. And, of course, Santa Claus could not help but respond to the requests of the guys. With his young companion Snow Maiden, he appears in the circus arena and congratulates all viewers on the Coming New Year. And then says the magic words: "One, two, three, herringbone burn!". And the elegant Christmas tree sparkled merrily with lights under the squall of applause from the audience, who really did not want to say goodbye to the artists.