News: Turkmenistan’s Mejlis approves the state budget for 2017

The state information agency TDH reports that on Wednesday, 23 November, the Mejlis of Turkmenistan at its 5th assembly unanimously approved the state budget for 2017.

The federal revenue for 2017 is projected to amount to 103 571,6 million manats, whereas expenditures will equal 104 871,6 million manats.

According to the bulletin, the budget revenue will be generated primarily from the oil and gas and chemical industrial sectors as well as electric power engineering, construction etc.

A considerable part of the expenditures of Turkmenistan's state budget will be spent on social services, including funding of education, healthcare, culture, sports, state social security and public utilities infrastructure. This vividly demonstrates that the main financial document traditionally preserves social significance and is committed to improving the well-being of residents, � the bulletin reports.'

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan