Next issue of Democracy and Law Magazine published

Magazine, which was prepared for publishing by the Institute of State, Law and Democracy, is opened by article Innovative development and Protection of Intellectual Property in Digital Economy. Special emphasis in the article is laid on importance of introduction of digitization system in agricultural complex and its role in imp mentation of the state programmes.

Important place in this process is given to the formation of effective management system of intellectual property, creation of modern mechanisms in commercialization of protection methods. In this context, it is spoken about the necessity of intellectual property market, as this is one of the strategic resources of development of any state, and adaptation of national legislation to the challenges of digital economy.

Analysing content of national constitutional standards, it is worth to mention the presence of wide approach to intellectual property, which interrelated with provisions of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and established legal base supports to development of international contacts.

In particular, Laws of Turkmenistan on trademarks and on the place of origin of goods developed according to international standards and rules have become another important step of the state in the sphere of protection of intellectual property.

Article of the Head of the Centre of Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Ambassador Natalya Drozd Turkmenistan � OSCE: Partnership in Humanitarian Scale is dedicated to the subject of cooperation of Turkmenistan with competent international structures.

The article mentions the appropriateness of the events held lasr year on occasion of the 20th anniversary of the OSCE Centre in Ashgabat as well as meeting of the Secretary General of this organization with President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, heads of some ministries and departments, during which high appraisal of joint activity has been given.

Natalya Drozd highlights that for two decades of activity of the Centre, collaboration between the OSCE and Turkmenistan in humanitarian sphere has been significantly improved, which is indicated by the increment of joint projects and by expansion of range of cooperation.

Article The Main Principles of Humanitarian Foreign Policy of Turkmenistan and its Contribution to the World Practice is among publications of Democracy and Law Magazine. It highlights the importance of relative initiatives of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov as well as progressive changes in different spheres.

Samples of successful cooperation between our country and international organizations, especially with the UN specialized agencies, on implementation of national priorities of development are given.

Effectiveness of the members of Turkmenistan in the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in 2019 � 2021, Council of the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), executive Council of the UN Children Fund, Executive committee of the Programme of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the UN Commission for Social Development, the UN Commission for Population and Development and other structures is mentioned.

The role of foreign strategy of independent neutral Turkmenistan was also highlighted in the publications dedicated to the main directions of the Fund's activity in our country.

It is mentioned that the main objective of the Fund is in support of far-seeing, fair policy of the Leader of the Nation, in explanation of the meaning and objectives of international initiatives of the Head of the State, foreign strategy, active participation in strengthening of peace and harmony between the nations standing for peace in the world.

Article Trade Unions and Civic Society reviews the role of these structures in implementation of the state programmes, improvement of national legislation, protection of rights of personnel of different spheres for work and in solution of other important objectives.

Subject of social support of the population was continued in article Social development based on the principles of equality and solidarity, which speaks about activity of A�enme Public Organization.

An article, which traces staged work for improvement of the Main Law of the country, is dedicated to decisions of the session of the People's Council, which took place on September 25, 2019. In particular, it highlights the subject of reformation of the structure of legislative authorities, bringing of activity of National Parliament in accordance with time requirements.

Improvement of legislative base of the country is also highlighted in articles Improvement of Turkmenistan Legislation on Administrative Procedures and Legal Base of Organization of Work Relations.

Regular issues of Democracy and Law Magazine, which is published in Turkmen, English and Russian languages, is ended up with Chronicle information review.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH