Now addresses on postal items in Turkmenistan must be written in the Turkmen language

At the session of the Khalk Maslakhaty of Milli Gengesh held on November 12, the Law "On Postal Communication" was adopted. As the state news agency noted then TDH , it will contribute to reforming this area and improve the quality of postal services.

Turkmen news drew attention to the fact that, according to this law, the post office in Turkmenistan will no longer deliver letters with the address written in Russian.

Article 26 of the law reads: “The postal addresses of the sender and recipient of postal items sent within Turkmenistan must be drawn up in the state language , and outside Turkmenistan - in the language of the country of destination or the language established by the acts of the Universal Postal Union."

The article also says that “information, reference and other information regarding the activities of operators, as well as samples of documents are placed in the state language in places accessible to users."

Previously, the provision of postal services in Turkmenistan was regulated by the 2010 Law on Communications. The use of a specific language was not mentioned in it.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan