Number of drunk driving cases decreases three times after toughening of fines

After toughening of fines for non-compliance with the traffic rules, the number of drunk driving cases decreased three times. Press service of the Main Traffic Safety Department reported.

«On March 8, the number of drivers arrested for driving while intoxicated decreased three times in Bishkek compared to previous years. In 2021, there were 18 violations, in 2022 — 20, this year only seven violations were recorded per day,» the statement says.

Kyrgyzstan has tightened the requirements for drivers since March 8. They apply to those who get behind the wheel in a state of alcohol intoxication.

Drunk driving is punishable by deprivation of the right to drive vehicles for a year.

Drunk driving without a driver’s license — arrest for three days.

If the driver refuses to undergo a drug test — arrest for three days, an offender without a driver’s license — arrest for five days.

If a drunk driver gets into an accident that caused harm to the health of other citizens through negligence, but there was no corpus delicti in the actions, he or she will be arrested for seven days, and the driver who has a driver’s license is deprived of them for a year. Previously, this was punishable by a fine of 20,000 soms.

For a repeated violation or a road accident while intoxicated, the car is temporarily seized and deprivation of a driver’s license for three years is possible.

Source: News Agency