Number of events is prepared to the Day of Industrial Personnel

International Exhibition and Scientific Conference The Main Directions of Development of Industrial Branches of Turkmenistan with participation of famous foreign companies from different countries on October 15-16.

Profile ministries and departments of transport, communication and industrial sectors, dozens of local companies representatives of private sector, will demonstrate their capabilities and perspectives, high quality of production and variety of services.

International forum is to demonstrate achievements of the country and perspective of development of communication and industrial branches of the country, having become a platform for dialog between national and foreign partners, promotion of joint projects, exchange of practice in use of latest development in this field.

Celebration concert with participation of art masters of the country as well as honouring ceremony of the best personnel of the above-mentioned spheres will take place in the Ashgabat Song and Music Centre under the events timed to the Day of Industrial Personnel.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency TDH