NUR Company expands the variety of production

NUR Company, which is specialized in production of canned vegetables, mayonnaise and ketchup, plans to expand the variety and increase the sale of production made from local material. For this purpose, equipment for packing of mayonnaise and ketchup to doypacks has been installed at Ovadan Ulke facility in Ak Bugday etrap. Up to ten tons of these sauces are packed daily to these vacuum packs. The same amount is packed in plastic containers and glass bottles.

Several types of mayonnaise different by composition and fat level are produced under NUR trademark. Soon, it is planned to install the equipment for packing of mayonnaise and ketchup to disposable sachets designated for catering facilities.

Use of new technologies will increase the variety of canned vegetables. In new season, the entrepreneurs will offer around 20 types of preserved food to the customers. In addition to pickles of famous brand, grilled eggplants, ajika and chilli sauce made of local vegetables grown at specialized private farms and packed to glass containers of local make will come to the shops.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper