Nury Halmamedov: the history of the creation of music for the film “Kechpelek”

At the State Russian Drama Theatre named after A.S. Pushkin with a full house, the premiere of the updated play «Strings of the Soul», dedicated to the brilliant Turkmen composer Nury Halmammedov, who promoted Turkmen music to the world level, took place with a full house. In the hall there are those who watch this performance for the first time, as well as those who came a second time, having become interested in the additions made. But both of them are endlessly in love with the sparkling music of Nury Halmammedov.

The performance tells about the life and work of an outstanding composer, who was known and with whom some of our contemporaries were friends. That is why the playwrights Sohbet Serbazov and Mammetgurban Mammetgurbanov updated the first version of the play «Strings of the Soul» with new interesting facts suggested by them. The playwrights took the story of the creation of the music for the film «Kecpelek» as the basis for the story, working on which the composer had to literally suffer in the throes of creativity throughout the entire performance.

We specially showed Nury Halmammedov from this side comments Mammetgurban Mammetgurbanov, after all, many fans of his music thought that this lucky man led an idle life, and the melodies «came to him from the sky». This is far from true. As eyewitnesses testified, after creating the music for the film «Contest», he was so exhausted that he thought that he was not destined to write a single musical phrase anymore.

The word «kechpelek» in translation into Russian means «bitter fate». And while working on the creation of music for the film, the most vivid events from his own life involuntarily surfaced in the memory of Nury Halmammedov.

The director Bilbil Mammedov, Honored Worker of Culture of Turkmenistan, was very lucky in the selection of actors. When the golden baritone of the country Atageldi Garyagdyyev saw the actor Valeriy Dmitriyev on stage in his own prototype, he exclaimed: «How did he know that I was like that!». «Look, here is your grandfather», Yazgul, the daughter of the poet Gurbannazar Ezizov, told her son, pointing to the actor Andrei Pavlov.

Resul Nurumov was amazing as Aram Khachaturian. Anastasiya Balandina, the entertainer at the presentation at the Moscow Conservatory, played not without a caricature. Actress Alina Andronova presented the music teacher Olga Krivchenko very authentically. By the way, thanks to the instinct of this woman to determine the prospects of students, Turkmen music has acquired two more major composers - Durdy Nuryyev and Chary Nurymov. Brilliant eyes and the ability to empathize with someone else's pain made the actor Magtymguly Gurbanov related to the main character of the play.

The scene of parting of Nury Halmammedov with the teacher turned out to be very successful. Excellent extras, authentic surroundings of the station and the train, as in those days - «Dushanbe - Ashgabat»! Such little cute details, and there were plenty of them, made up the overall success of the performance.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper