Of the 121,000 residents of Central Asia who received Russian citizenship, 1,549 are from Turkmenistan

Over the six months of this year, 121,089 residents of Central Asian countries acquired Russian citizenship, the Ferghana agency reports , citing the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.


The leaders in the region in terms of the number of people who received Russian citizenship were Tajiks – 74,162 people, followed by 21,647 people from Kazakhstan, 13,099 from Uzbekistan, 10,632 from Kyrgyzstan, 1,549 from Turkmenistan.


In 2021, 3,628 Turkmen citizens acquired Russian citizenship.


In just six months, 287,503 people received Russian citizenship, of which 104,168 people are citizens of Ukraine.


109,593 Tajiks, 78,705 Uzbeks, 44,856 Kazakhs, 14,137 Kyrgyz and 3,775 Turkmen citizens have a residence permit (residence permit) in Russia, the newspaper reports.


Earlier it was reported that the Russian Embassy in Ashgabat is delaying the reception of citizens of Turkmenistan to apply for a temporary residence permit (TRP) due to the slow work of the Turkmen state authorities.


The fact is that when citizens apply for a TRP, the consular department first asks the Turkmen side for information about the absence/presence of a criminal record. Information about applicants who applied to the consular department from February to May was received by the consular department from the Turkmen side with a delay – all at the same time in mid-June.



Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan