Official from Turkmenistan comments for the first time on the ban on cosmetic procedures for women

A Turkmen official commented on independent media reports that the country's authorities forbid women from getting Botox, nail extensions, and eyebrow dye.

On June 16-17, Almaty (Kazakhstan) hosted the Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals of the countries of Central Asia, in which Turkmenistan also took part .

At one of the sessions, the theme of which was the empowerment of women and youth, a correspondent from the Kazakhstani edition of asked a representative of Turkmenistan about bans on cosmetic services for women.

Serdar Arazov , head of the committee on economic issues of the Milli Gengesh Mejlis of Turkmenistan , said that the journalist was misinformed, the ban is entirely based on sanitation considerations.

“I think you have been misinformed about the appearance of women. We considered this issue from the side of the medical component. Such an “extensive analysis” was carried out, according to which such points and points were identified for unsanitary conditions, illegal work in the field of cosmetology. Maybe you mean this, but about restrictions, this is completely wrong information, ”said the representative of Milli Gengesh.

Recall that in April, the Turkmen authorities took care of the external and moral appearance of women. Police have threatened beauty salon owners with fines or 15 days in jail if they provide services such as lip augmentation, Botox injections, eyelash and nail extensions.

The country began to hold meetings with students and schoolgirls, at which they talked about the need to observe national traditions, not to use cosmetics and look modest.

“Every woman lives according to the principle of awareness of responsibility for herself, her loved ones and the future of her children, and therefore for the future of her country and society. Hence the social significance of a woman, which is supported at the nation level. Already the first UN documents declared equal rights for men and women as the basis of fundamental human rights. This was clearly demonstrated by the Dialogue of Women of the Central Asian Countries ( the event was held on May 13 in Ashgabat - ed. ),” the Turkmen official also added.

In mid-June, shops selling cosmetics for women were checked in Turkmenistan. The inspectors demanded the removal of cosmetics that could harm the "health and appearance" of consumers.

Previously, state or pro-government media outlets have not reported on conducting “extensive analyzes” to identify beauty salons providing illegal services.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan