Oil rises in price: Brent – $49,06, WTI – $46,66

World oil prices grow on Monday morning on optimism of investors caused by a number of factors among which there are data on number of the operating drilling rigs in the USA and also statistics of inventories of oil in the country and forecasts of the International Energy Agency (IEA) about demand for raw materials. Data of the biddings demonstrates it.

As of 08:18 Moscow time cost of September futures for the North Sea oil mixture of the Brent brand added 0,31% - up to 49,06 dollars for barrel. The price of August futures for WTI crude oil increased by 0,26%, up to 46,66 dollars for barrel, "Prime" writes.

"Considerable decrease in oil inventories in the USA last week was supported by comments of IEA that demand (on oil - an edition) grows stronger in comparison with initial assessment. Continuous increase in number of the operating drilling rigs in the USA also stopped", - the Reuters agency quotes an analysts of ANZ bank.

According to the Ministry of Energy of the USA, commercial inventories of oil in the country (excepting a strategic reserve) in a week which came to the end on July 7 decreased by 7,6 million barrels, or for 1,5% - up to 495,4 million barrels. Analysts believed that inventories will be reduced by 0,57%, or by 2,85 million barrels, up to 500,05 million barrels.

On Friday the American oilfield services company "Baker Hughes" reported that following the results of the business week which came to the end on July 14 the number of drilling rigs in the USA remained on a mark in 952 units. In annual terms the number of drillings grew by 505 pieces, or by 2,2 times. The number of oil drilling rigs grew by two pieces, or for 0,26%, up to 765 units. At the same time the number of gas installations decreased on two, or by 1,06%, up to 187 units.

Besides, on Thursday IEA improved the forecast for an oil demand in 2017 - on 160 thousand barrels a day, to 98 million barrels. At the same time growth of an indicator in comparison with 2016 will constitute 1,4 million barrels a day. The oil demand in 2018, according to the forecast, will grow by 1,4 million barrels a day, up to 99,4 million barrels. The accelerated growth of an indicator of the countries out of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) will compensate its possible decrease from the countries of OECD.

Source: Nebit-Gaz