On behalf of the head of state, the Galkynysh group presented the horse Rukhubelent

In the State Circus, a ceremony was held on behalf of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to transfer to the Galkynysh group a magnificent horse from the Akhal-Teke equestrian complex.

This event was another example of the unceasing attention of the head of state to the issues of cultural development, which were recently again raised by the President of the country during a meeting with representatives of public organizations and the creative intelligentsia.

Calling on public and cultural figures to give their work more modern forms, relying on our spiritual values, traditions and customs, the head of state noted in his speech the importance of encouraging young talents and creating conditions for the realization of their talents and capabilities.

And as if to continue these instructions today, another famous gift was made to the famous group of equestrian games Galkynysh, which achieved great success in popularizing the world of the Turkmen national heritage.

A horse named Ruhubelent was transferred on behalf of the head of state to the Galkynysh group. It was from this wonderful news that today began another performance at the State Circus, and all the spectators who came to the show received the news with stormy applause. A wonderful horse of amazing beige and pearl color showed his delightful becoming and graceful movements in the arena before the public.

He was born in the first days of 2017, named in our country as the Year of Health and Inspiration. Therefore, the President of Turkmenistan gave the foal the name Ruhubelent. Then the awkward baby touchingly pressed against his mother, who did not leave him a single step. Only the tender and caring hands of the seisis trusted her treasure ... And two years later he appeared as an adult, strong, with a regal bearing and a luxurious exterior, with excellent training and ready for a brilliant artistic career and the conquest of all arenas of the world with its truly heavenly beauty.

Legendary "heavenly" horses have long become an ornament of national festive events. The beauty and grace of frisky horses, tricks performed by horsemen in all horse gallop, always arouse admiration of the audience, leaving an unforgettable impression. Turkmen riders demonstrate a magnificent mastery of the art of vaulting, while remaining the most skillful, dexterous, and courageous horsemen.

The multi-thousand-year history of the Turkmen people is inextricably linked with the fast-moving Akhal-Teke horses. The ability to grow horses of this amazing breed speaks of the highest craftsmanship of our people, because only by devoting all your strength, talent and soul to this, in harmony with nature, you can create a true masterpiece, which is certainly Akhal-Teke.

It is known with what love the President of Turkmenistan treats horses, devoting them rare free minutes and singing them in his literary work. The key to understanding the role of horses in the life of Turkmen has become the book of the head of state "Akhal-Teke horse - our pride and glory", which has made it possible for readers of different countries to touch this eternal heritage of humanity thanks to translations into many languages of the world. Implemented comprehensive measures for the development of the equestrian industry of Turkmenistan are reflected in such books as Flight of the heavenly horses and Prompt tread of the horse.

The country is taking measures of unprecedented scale and significance for the development of industry infrastructure, the popularization of equestrian sports and national riding traditions. By the decision of the head of state, modern equestrian complexes meeting international standards have been built in all welayats, which have become not only an arena for competitions, but also centers for popularization and mass development of the favorite national sport. The state association Turkmen atlary is engaged in solving an important task - to preserve all the advantages of the Akhal-Teke breed and the very traditions of horse-breeding, which today acquire a new life thanks to the personal patronage of the Turkmen leader.

In August 2010, the International Akhal-Teke Horse Breeding Association was established with headquarters in Ashgabat. For achievements in the development of Akhal-Teke horse-breeding both in Turkmenistan and internationally, the Turkmen leader Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov - a great connoisseur and a true connoisseur of the Akhal-Teke horses, was unanimously elected President of the Association. Its main goal is to increase the world fame of Akhal-Teke, who are the invaluable contribution of the Turkmen people to the treasury of human culture, control over keeping accurate records of thoroughbred horses in foreign countries, organizing international equestrian competitions, raising the level of theoretical and professional training, protecting the gene pool and increasing the elite population " heavenly "horses.

In order to stimulate the development of domestic horse breeding, a competition has been instituted for the best representative of this legendary breed. This is another evidence of the attention being paid in Turkmenistan to the preservation of the cultural heritage of the nation, and, in particular, horse breeding.

On the instructions of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, a training center has been established for the younger generation at the Ashgabat equestrian center. The largest equestrian industry object in Turkmenistan is the International Equestrian Complex with the modern exemplary village of Aba Annaev in the Kyrysek gengeshlic of the Geoktepe district of the Ahal velayat. The new breeding farm is designed for the maintenance of 600 heads of Akhal-Teke horses.

There will also be constructed buildings for the Higher International School of Horse Breeding with a hippodrome and training fields, arenas and stables, the Research and Production Center for Horse Breeding. These facilities will make up a real horse-breeding cluster with the nearby International Equestrian Complex, which will bring this industry to a new, global level.

Every year across the country large-scale celebrations in honor of the Turkmen horse take place - in 2018 this holiday gained the status of National. Turkmenistan, being the historical homeland of the legendary Akhal-Teke breed, appeared before the international community as a major center of world horse breeding, where the primordial traditions of breeding and raising "heavenly" horses gain modern development in the context of a targeted state action program.

The policy of the President of Turkmenistan, aimed at the continuity of the original national shrines of our people, among which a special place belongs to the Akhal-Teke horses, revived the glory of Akhal-Teke, Turkmen horse breeders and riders. And this glory is constantly growing - with each brilliant victory of the Turkmen equestrian athletes in international competitions and tournaments, circus festivals.

With the support of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the national circus art is developing in the country. After many years, in April 2010, the State Circus of Turkmenistan revived its work. With the complex reconstruction of its building and equipment with modern equipment, conditions were created for the performance of technically more complex performances. In recent years, circus art has become a noticeable phenomenon in the cultural life of the country and in the leisure time of residents and guests of the capital. The national circus school has become stronger and actively developed, the range of its genres has expanded. Our circus artists not only delight compatriots with bright and spectacular performances, but also receive awards at international festivals.

... Having received the gift of another horse, Turkmen horsemen addressed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for appreciating the great support and concern for the development of domestic horse breeding.

Since its founding in 2007, the Galkynysh Group has been carrying the mission entrusted to it with honor: to popularize the rich culture of the people in the world, with the everlasting heritage and pride of which are the legendary Akhal-Teke horses. Having won the unconditional love of the people of Turkmenistan, the team continues to conquer the most demanding foreign public, as evidenced by his brilliant tours and triumphal performances at international circus festivals.

Recall that in order to develop the domestic circus art, in November 2012, the President of Turkmenistan donated 50 thousand US dollars to the State circus. The head of state also handed over his prizes for winning races among horsemen-mentors for the further development of the horse-breeding industry of Turkmenistan, an increase in the number of Akhal-Teke horses in the country, and the strengthening of the material and technical base of this sphere.

Our people have long accepted as a sign of great respect and deep gratitude to give the most precious thing they have, and as Turkmen, they love horses, cherish them, cultivate matchless horses and don't have much to say. Therefore, it is not surprising that the President is often presented with the best, elite Akhal-Tekeks on the occasion of national holidays and other glorious events. And the head of state, in turn, donates these horses to the Galkynysh group, thus giving it the opportunity to develop.

Since its first triumph at the World Festival of Circus Art in Moscow (Russian Federation) in October 2013, when Turkmen artists were awarded the main prizes in almost all nominations of the competition, including the main award - the Golden Idol Cup, the Galkynysh group continues to conquer the most demanding foreign public.

So, the next brightest victory for the Turkmen jigits was brought by the XVI International Festival of Circus Art, which was held in the Italian city of Latina in October 2014. Here our horsemen were also awarded the main prize of the competition - the Golden Cup, they were awarded other prizes, including a diploma from the Akhal-Teke Association of Italy.

2015 was no exception. At the International Circus Art Festival, this time in China, in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, horsemen of the Galkynys national equestrian games group were recognized as the best among 32 leading circus troupes from 22 countries of the world and awarded the main prize - the Golden Cup.

Thus, the victorious procession of the Galkynysh group around the planet continued. On the occasion of her return home from China, great celebrations were held, many residents of the capital took to greet the heroes on the streets of the city. At the official ceremony of awarding horsemen for another victory at the International Festival of Circus Art, on behalf of the President of Turkmenistan, they were awarded a prize of $ 50,000.

Such a high appreciation inspired dzhigits. And in September 2016 at the World Nomad Games held in the city of Cholpon-Ata of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Turkmen riders again became winners and owners of the main prize. And the National Flag of Turkmenistan was raised again, and all our people shared the joy of success with the Galkynysh group.

The main prize, Golden Gaetano, was won by Turkmen riders at the 1st International Festival of Circus Art "On the Fontanka", held in St. Petersburg in May 2018, where circus artists from Belgium, Germany, China, Korea, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Ukraine and other countries. This triumph of the united team of the participants of the national equestrian games group Galkynysh of the Akhal-Teke equestrian complex and the group of Turkmen horsemen of the State Circus once again caused a wave of national pride for compatriots who worthily represent our country in the world's leading arenas.

All these successful performances of Turkmen equestrians became a vivid testimony to the effectiveness of the comprehensive work being carried out in the country to bring the circus art of Turkmenistan to the world level, another important step in the further popularization of the Akhal-Teke breed and the skill of our dzhigits.

We also recall that in 2018, the horse Akhan from the Akhal-Teke equestrian complex was entered into the Guinness Book of Records, where the horse's extraordinary abilities were officially registered - he managed to walk 10 meters on the ridges in just 4.19 seconds, improving the previous record in this unique nomination twice.

The swift horse became the personification of the history, modernity and future of Turkmenistan. In this trinity, it is the fate of a people who know how to cherish and appreciate their heritage, build today and boldly pave the road to the future. The merits of unsurpassed horses continue to conquer the planet, and there is every reason to believe, the Turkmen equestrian sport and circus art will be represented on the world stage with great success many times over.