On May 21 elections of the Mejlis deputies, as well as members of the Halk Maslakhaty and the Gengesh will be held in separate constituencies

In total, two deputies of the Mejlis, 41 members of the Halk Maslahaty and 134 members of the Gengeshes are to be elected for Turkmenistan. In this regard, 177 districts and 255 polling stations operate.

Divisional election committees will work on May 21 from 7a.m to 19 p.m. Within 10 days prior to the official date of the election, citizens of Turkmenistan who would not be able to be in their place of residence for some reasons on that day, have been given the right to vote ahead of schedule.

Several candidates are running in the election for the mandate of the people's trust in each electoral district, which indicates the alternative nature of holding elections. Their nomination was implemented by the Democratic Party, the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Agrarian Party. The groups of citizens also nominated candidates proposed by the general meeting of voters residing in the territory of the electoral district.

All stages of the election campaign, within which each candidate was given the opportunity to meet with voters, were conducted in a timely manner, in strict accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Turkmenistan and generally accepted norms of international law.

A group of national observers from among the representatives of the country's socio-political organizations will carry out observation of the electoral process in all districts, at polling stations, as well as for the upcoming elections on Sunday.

According to the information of national observers, who monitor the progress of all stages of the electoral process, the election campaign was conducted in compliance with the principle of competitiveness of candidates who have equal opportunities to acquaint voters with the provisions of their electoral programs.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper