On the country’s agricultural lands are conducted care activities for winter wheat

Currently has been carried out the vegetative irrigation. Close to spring begins fertilization of the soil with mineral fertilizers. The composition of the nutrient mixture includes microelements and the medicinal part. Wheat is located on more than 700 thousand hectares of agricultural land. In the past were used the seeds of high-yielding varieties: Sahrai, Dzhuvan, Bitarap, Yoloten-1, Yoloten-3, Turkmenbashi-1, Gyzylshaglavuk-25, Miras, "Akbash", "Irishka", "Jubilee-100", "Batko", and "Krupinka".

At the same time are being taken measures to protect winter crops from agricultural pests and diseases. In these works are involved specialists of the Plant Protection Service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Turkmenistan. The planned study of the soil for the presence of larvae of wintering insect species is carried out in partnership with scientists. The service is building work for the coming agricultural season on the basis of planned study.

The country's bio-economy comprises over 370 factories engaged in the production of insect-entomophages. In January, bio-enterprises began a new season of cultivating human assistants in protecting plants from diseases and pests of crops. The main types of entomophages are lion aphids and habrobracon hebetor. The laboratories are equipped with the necessary equipment for monitoring the soil and organizing efficient work in the fields. Specialists provide consulting assistance to tenants, daihans and farmers in the acquisition and use of plant protection products.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper