On the Eve of Harvesting Season, the Country’s Stock of Agricultural Machinery Extended with New John Deere Grain Combine Harvesters

The dynamic development of the agro-industry is one of the key aspects of Turkmenistan's policy targeted at enhancing the country's economic power; increasing the competitiveness of the most important branch of the national economy; improving food security and the country's export potential. Success in addressing the objectives in this area is facilitated through efficient measures of state support for local farmers.

Significant investments are allocated for modernization of the resource base and physical facilities, as well as for re-equipment of the agro-industry. Last December a contract was signed with John Deere International GmbH (Swiss Confederation) to purchase 1 thousand 350 units of agricultural equipment, machinery, spare parts and consumables. The said items will be supplied within 2017-2020.

Under this contract, the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources received the first installment of the new machinery, about 50 units of John Deere W540 grain combine harvesters. By the beginning of the grain harvesting campaign, the arrival of over 100 units of high-capacity machinery of this globally recognized brand is expected.

The next step involves the supply of 400 units of John Deere 8245R tractors by the harvesting season in June-July. 200 units of John Deere 9970 cotton combine harvesters are expected to be supplied by the beginning of the cotton harvesting campaign in August-September. Just as many combines of this design will arrive in Turkmenistan for the 2018 campaign.

To ensure the economic recovery of rural areas, the state and sectoral programs for the intensive development of agri-business have been adopted in recent years. Vast virgin land areas are being cultivated in every province of the country. In addition to crop production and cotton cultivation, areas are allocated for planting vegetables, vine crops, gardens and vineyards. Entrepreneurs are actively involved in agri-business, and the share of the private sector in agriculture already exceeds 90 percent. Positive developments in this area are accelerated by the state programs for import-competing manufacturing and boosting exports of the goods produced in the country.

Given the multisectoral nature of Turkmenistan's agriculture and different natural and climatic conditions in the regions, the farmers need dozens of various models of agricultural machinery and equipment. For instance, over 2 thousand plowing and 5 thousand husbandry tractors; more than 1600 seed planters; and other types of equipment are involved in wheat planting every year. Over 1500 grain combine harvesters are engaged in the mowing season. This spring's cotton planting and subsequent agro-technical activities required over 7 thousand 600 tractors of various brands; more than 3 thousand 200 seed planters; and 7 thousand cotton cultivators, harrows and other agricultural equipment. During cotton harvesting seasons, farmers use the average of over 400 cotton combine harvesters; more than 2350 tractors; and about 3600 tractor trailers to transport raw cotton.

By addressing the engineering issues of the agricultural sector on an innovative basis, and purchasing the state-of-the-art equipment modifications, the state creates opportunities for a stable increase in the volumes of agricultural production.

High-capacity grain and cotton combine harvesters; various types of tractors; other machinery and equipment by leading global manufacturers such as Case, New Holland, John Deere, CLAAS, the Minsk Tractor Works and others form the basis of the stock of agricultural machinery.

2017 grain harvesting campaign will be launched soon. This year Turkmen tillers are expected to collect 1 million 600 thousand tons of grain from 760 thousand hectares of land allocated for winter crops. This includes collecting 450 thousand tons in Ahal province; 380 thousand tons in Mary; 350 thousand tons in Lebap; 300 thousand in Dashoguz and 120 thousand tons in Balkan. New equipment recently supplied to the country will be involved in this important agricultural campaign.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper