On the launch date of the harvesting campaign the President promises due payment and round-the-clock maintenance to farmers

On 6 June the harvesting campaign was launched in Turkmenistan. The start of the mowing season was celebrated with local festivities. Let us recall that the start of the grain harvest campaign is determined by President Gurbanguly Berdymykhmammedov.

According to the state information agency TDH, during the harvesting campaign, mechanical and repair teams will service grain producers round-the clock to supply them with fuel, combustibles, lubricants and spare parts for their equipment.

Experts from the chief state-run agency Turkmenstandartlary will determine grain quality. Prompt settlements with grain producers for the harvested cotton yield are scheduled to be made through Daihanbank offices.

Minimum fees for land use have been introduced for farmers who are totally exempt from tax payments. Seeds, mineral fertilizers, irrigation water, plant-protecting agents are provided to land tenant farmers and daihan associations on preferential terms, � TDH reported and added that after years, the well-being of rural inhabitants is increasing and is approaching the quality of life in urban areas.

This year as in previous years Turkmen grain producers are expected to harvest 1,6 million tons of grain from 750 hectares of land.

In July 2017 the state-run media outlets reported that just over a million tons of wheat was harvested in Turkmenistan and in this connection officials were severely reprimanded for the harvest shortfall. However, at a Cabinet session held in 2018, the President claimed that last year farmers had harvested over 1 million and a half tons of wheat.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan