On the threshold of harvesting campaign, Turkmenistan received a batch of combine harvesters by CLAAS

On the threshold of the grain-harvesting campaign, Turkmenistan received the first batch of combine harvesters of the TUCANO 430 brand by the world famous German engineering company CLAAS. Ceremony of welcoming the new agricultural machinery, held in Ak Bugday etrap of Akhal velayat, was participated by representatives of khyakimlik, farmers, machine operators, honorary elders, students of specialized universities etc.

According to the national traditions, the older generation's representatives went through a blessing ceremony for this occasion � sprinkled machines with flour, steeped in smoke of yuzerlik.

In accordance with the Resolution of the head of state, Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources negotiated a contract with the company Umax Trade GmbH (Federal Republic of Germany) for the purchase of a bulk consignment of agricultural equipment, aggregates, dredges, as well as spare parts and expendables under the condition of delivery to Turkmenistan in 3 stages during 2017-2020. Overall, about 1000 units of this type combine harvesters will be delivered. In addition, under the appropriate Agreement, large consignment of tractors, ploughs and seeders will be delivered.

By systematic increase mechanization rate of agriculture, the best grain and cotton harvesters, various types of tractors, other machinery and equipment from leading manufacturers � Case, New Holland, John Deere, CLAAS and others are at the Turkmen farmers' disposal.

As is known, all modifications of agricultural machines coming to our country, in a mandatory manner receive pre-approval � testing for compliance with local soil and climatic conditions. Samples of new technology TUCANO 430 are successfully been tested in the field.

Combine harvester model TUCANO 430 is equipped with the fractional 195-horsepower engine. It complies with European environmental standards. Complementary to the production, the combine harvester has several features, including control system of integrity and the flow rate of the wheat. The quality and quantity of the harvested crop, and also other important parameters are displayed on the monitor in the cabin, where comfortable conditions are created for an operator. Sound- and noise insulation, and automatic temperature controller are improved in it. Driving the combine harvester does not claim large mechanical forces. Everything is controlled electronically � from the machinery's work to its self-diagnostic. The lighting system ensures maximum visibility at night. Increase in productivity by 20 percent at constant fuel consumption is the main advantage of this model.

The leading engineering company CLAAS is continually developing, moving towards innovation, product quality improvement, and the model range extension. The first batch � more than 70 units of serial harvesters has been already distributed to husbandries, where the machine operators wait for them. In the near future, more than 100 units of equipment will be delivered.

Maintenance is performed both in the fields and at service centers, established in the regions. Their staff has been trained in Europe. Turkmen specialists' training practice declares itself well, which regularly takes place on the basis of the company's service sites in Turkmenistan, on training bases of manufacturing plants. The country's profile universities conduct classes in new machine operation, and organize special courses and lectures.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper