Online media forum dedicated to the 25th anniversary of permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan

The international media forum in the format of a video conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs brought together academicians, political experts, and journalists from different countries.

The main topic of discussion was the importance of the permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan, the positive experience the country accumulated, and the successes achieved over 25 years from the date of gaining the status of neutrality.

The media forum was attended by the heads and representatives of ministries and departments of Turkmenistan, the university professors, journalists, scientists and public figures.

Foreign mass media was represented by major news agencies, including TASS, “MIR” Interstate Television and Radio Company, “NHK”, “TRT AVAZ”, “Chinadaily”, “Renmin Ribao”, “AzerTag”, “Anadolu Agency”, “Arminfo”, “Kazinform”, “Mangystau Media”, “News Day Georgia”, “Daily Ittehad”, “Business Central Asia”, “Kabar”, “Psearcher”, “MIA Trend”, “UzReport”, “Uzbekistan News”, “NEWS ASTRO” among others.

Moreover, the representatives of leading specialized publications, including the journal “International life” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the international newspaper “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, Turkish journals “Istanbool today” and “Diplomatik Gozlem”, “The Diplomatic Insight” (Pakistan), and “The Georgian Business Week” (Georgia) participated in the conference. More than 50 correspondents from over 20 countries joined the video conference.

Rectors and professors of famous foreign universities, heads of foreign public organizations were invited to participate in the meeting.

At the opening of the media forum, foreign participants were briefly acquainted with the main milestones in the 25-year history of the permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan, its key characteristics, the principles that have been embodied and developed in the policy pursued by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The representatives of the Turkmen side emphasized that the neutral status of Turkmenistan did not mean self-isolation from the solution of international problems and conflicts, but implied an active position of the state to maintain peace and stability, develop friendly relations, mutually beneficial and equal cooperation.

It was noted that all the projects implemented in the country were depoliticized, which was repeatedly stated by the Turkmen leader from the UN rostrum and other reputable sites.

The forum speakers shared their vision of the positive status of neutrality of Turkmenistan aimed at promoting human values and achieving progress in the world exclusively through peaceful and constructive dialogue.

A video was shown to demonstrate the success of the time-tested neutrality policy of Turkmenistan.

Deputy General Director of the TASS News Agency (Russia), A. Kopnov quoted President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov – “Heading into the year of the 25th anniversary of neutrality in the atmosphere of peace and creativity, good neighborliness, respect and mutual understanding with its friends and partners in the world community, Turkmenistan clearly sees its prospects, confidently shapes plans for the development of the state and society”.

Wishing every success along this way, he also noted that TASS called for strengthening and expanding professional relations of journalists in the media space of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the world. In his opinion, this is especially important in the year of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. “We must convey the future generations the sense of deep appreciation and respect for the people who, at the cost of their lives, military and labor exploits, gave us all the opportunity to build a worthy future in our countries”, A. Kopnov said.

‘The neutrality of Turkmenistan serves as a good basis for the development of friendly and mutually beneficial relations between the states of the region and the world. Turkmenistan’s permanent neutrality reflects the desire of its people to maintain peace and good neighborly relations with other countries,’ said Deputy Director General of Russia’s TASS Information Agency Alexander Kopnov.

Doctor of economics, independent consultant on democratization and security sector reforms in the Netherlands, Professor Sami Faltas emphasized that Turkmenistan had successfully integrated neutrality into its foreign policy, which is implemented on the principles of good neighborliness and mutual respect.

Dean of the Department of International Relations of the Belarus State University, Doctor of Historical Sciences V. Shadursky stressed the special importance of the neutrality of Turkmenistan in the context of strengthening and expanding mutually beneficial friendly relations between peoples and countries of the world.

The speaker emphasized that the successes of Turkmenistan were achieved due to the policy pursued by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov based on the principles of neutrality.

Expressing the opinion that the current international conference provides a good opportunity to broadly and comprehensively discuss the experience and results achieved in this area, he said that such meetings contributed to further strengthening mutual understanding and mutual trust between countries, and allowed outlining the areas for further cooperation based on common goals and tasks.

Rector of Yessenov University (the Republic of Kazakhstan) Berik Ahmetov underlined that his country supported the neutrality policy of Turkmenistan.

“The most important factor is the fact that Turkmen-Kazakh cooperation stands a strategic factor in the stability and positive development of processes in Central Asia and the Caspian basin”, B. Ahmetov said. He also noted that our countries had many areas of common interest, and one of them was education. According to him, a quarter of foreign students studying in Kazakhstani universities are Turkmen students.

The speaker paid particular attention to the topic of the Caspian Sea, underlining the success of the First Caspian Economic Forum in the Avaza National Tourism Zone, which became not only a platform for cooperation among the countries participating in the Caspian Convention, but also a driver for the development of new projects of the Caspian states, including in the field of ecology .

Political scientists and analysts objectively and comprehensively evaluated the multifaceted impact of the Turkmen neutrality on global integration processes, presented new approaches to solving common problems in the light of Turkmenistan’s foreign policy and peacekeeping initiatives.

Considering Turkmen neutrality in a historical retrospective, as well as in the light of the emerging prospects for interaction, the videoconference participants emphasized that it was one of the indisputable and important factors of Turkmenistan’s success in internal development and on the world arena.

In general, it was concluded that neutrality and peace were inextricably linked. Neutrality got implanted in the minds of the citizens of our country as the synonym for internal stability, social solidarity and development. In the sphere of international relations, neutrality is a symbol of cooperation between states on the basis of mutual respect, equality, mutually beneficial partnership.

During the videoconference, Neda Berger, Preident of the Austrian-Turkmen society congratulated President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and the Turkmen people on the 25th anniversary of neutrality celebrated this year. As the head of the joint public organization, she assured that it was a great honour for her to make her contribution to the formation of an enabling environment for the development of interstate relations, including through cultural ties and information exchanges.

Neda Berger, an honorary adviser to the Media-Turkmen news agency, accredited by the Chancellor of Austria as a correspondent for the ORIENT website, paid special attention to the development of media partnerships, including online news resources.

She emphasized the great interest of the Austrian public and business circles in independent neutral Turkmenistan that had won high international authority and attracted attention of the world community with its significant economic successes, and today because it was one of the few states in the world that, due to preventive measures, undertaken by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, was able to completely protect the population of his country from the invasion of coronavirus infection.

Director of Mangystau Media A. Dutbaeva noted that despite the current difficult situation in the world, Turkmenistan had found common ground, and the forum vividly demonstrated that the positive neutrality of the country had proved itself in strengthening friendly, good neighborly relations between states and peoples.

All foreign participants were invited to the international conference “The policy of neutrality and its role in ensuring international peace, security and sustainable development”, to be held in Ashgabat this December.

Speaking during the forum, a representative of the Central Council of the Union of Women highlighted the role of women in Turkmen society. In particular, it was reported that women of our country demonstrate their best professional and personal qualities in various fields, occupy key positions in many areas and confidently master new professions, occupy leading positions in ministries and departments.

It was reported that the Union of Women of Turkmenistan actively cooperated with the All-China Women’s Federation, the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan, the Association of Business Women of the Astrakhan Region of the Russian Federation and other similar associations.

This is another manifestation of public diplomacy and the policy of neutrality, successfully implemented by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. This interaction is aimed at protecting the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of women around the world, as well as the development of the international women’s movement.

The forum continued its work with a question-and-answer session, in frames of which neutrality was considered through the prism of social and democratic processes.

In general, it was concluded that the policy of neutrality contributed to the integration of Turkmenistan into the modern world processes in all areas, transformation of the region into a steadily developing area from political point of view, and strengthening fruitful economic relations.

The neutrality of Turkmenistan is the reality of the present day and our future, which opens up new wonderful opportunities for the development of international partnership.

The media forum has again demonstrated that Turkmenistan is open to wide discussions, imaginative interpretation of our and foreign experience, ready to accept various opinions. New facets of neutrality are highlighted, the experience of mutual communication between representatives of different countries is enriched during such video conferences.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper