Opera “Nejep Oglan” premieres in Ashgabat

Opera “Nejep Oglan” based on the classic Turkmen destan (poem) premiered at the National Music and Drama Theater named after Magtymguly Pyragy in Ashgabat.

The play is timed to coincide with Day of Workers of Turkmen Culture and Magtymguly Pyragy’s Poetry. It is about the Turkmen school of folk music and bakhshi (singer) who devoted their lives to the preservation and study of the national musical traditions.

The new opera is a joint product of the Magtymguly Music and Drama Theater company and teachers and students of the National Conservatory named after Maya Kulieva. In an interview with reporters, authors of the stage adaptation of the old destan – writer Govshutgeldy Danatarov, composer Nurygandym Khojamuhammedov and production director Aynazar Batyrov – explained that in choosing the opera libretto they were inspired by the prospects to enrich the storyline of the opera with the original sound of dutar and specific techniques of folk singing.



Source: Turkmenistan.ru