Opp. Lawmakers Urge Park to Respond to Questioning

In a remarkable show of unity, all members of South Korea's political opposition issued a joint statement Thursday urging President Park Geun-hye to respond immediately to prosecutors investigating the Choi Soon-sil affair.

The president's legal team this week requested questioning be delayed until after the Wednesday deadline proposed by the prosecution.

The opposition statement says that contradicts the president's own promise during her televised apology this month to respond to investigators, and accuses her of deceiving the public.

Opposition lawmakers point out that key figures in the scandal are being arrested, but the president herself, considered to be at the center of the scandal, is dragging her feet on a probe.

They describe the Park administration as being in "a vegetative state," and say the only job left for the president is to come forward with the truth about the Choi Soon-sil affair.

Source: KBS World Radio