Opposition Lawmakers Seek Legislation to Confiscate Choi’s Property

Opposition lawmakers are seeking legislation to confiscate real estate and assets that President Park Geun-hye's longtime confidante Choi Soon-sil acquired illegitimately.

Representative Chae Yi-bai of the minor opposition People's Party asked fellow lawmakers on Monday to jointly propose a special bill to take back unlawful property from Choi and her family members, including her late father Choi Tae-min

The bill is aimed at seizing and recovering property that the Choi family, their accomplices, and accessories allegedly accumulated through crimes.

Legislator Min Byung-du of the main opposition Democratic Party said in a Facebook post that he will seek legal ground to charge the Choi family with embezzlement or breach of trust over their property acquired illegally through public or state organizations such as public foundations, educational and religious organizations.

Source: KBS World Radio