Orchestra under Rasul Klychev Puts Listeners in True Holiday Spirit

The State Symphony Orchestra under Rasul Klychev has premiered its new musical program to a packed house at the Mukam Palace of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan.

The concert opened with Leroy Anderson's A Christmas Festival. Accompanied by the Orchestra, the State Choir beautifully sang, perfectly conveying the mood of the song, full of excitement and expectations of wonder and magic, festive emotions and the crystal-like sound of bells.

Then, the audience was delighted by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's lyrically beautiful The Waltz of the Flowers. While the poetic music was performed, waltzing flowers: lavenders, cornflowers, asters, forget-me-nots were projected on a big screen above the stage.

How can a New Year be without magical transformations?! Honored Artist of Turkmenistan Ismail Jumaev, the possessor of a velvety baritone, who performed the Aria of Mister X, transported the listeners to the melodramatic atmosphere of Emmerich Kalman's operetta The Circus Princess.

The concert also featured the following works by Johann Strauss: Thunder and Lightning, The Egyptian March, and Perpetuum Mobile (Perpetual Motion). The classical music magnificently played by the orchestral musicians with such emotion added extra sparkle and charm to the event.

The soundtracks to the hit movies The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath and Home Alone adored by many generations of TV viewers came as a pleasant surprise for the listeners. They have become New Year's Eve rituals and perennial favorites.

The Radetzky March by Johann Strauss brought the evening of music to a dramatic close. The vibrant and bravura music as well as Rasul Klychev's wonderful dexterity and charisma produced a powerful effect. With every refrain, the maestro turned to the audience and waving his baton started to conduct their applause. With shouts of Bravo the crowd enthusiastically and heartily applauded the musicians, thanking them for the amazing journey to the New-Year fairytale...

- Performing regularly with programs that reflect the versatility and a considerable wealth of classical music, we have built a devoted audience, Rasul Klychev told during a conversation. � That is why organizing the Christmas concert we did our best to give our listeners a special musical treat and a sense of magic. I hope our efforts were successful. Happy New Year!

A concert entitled The Nutcracker: An All-Time Classics is another holiday surprise awaiting classical music enthusiasts and those who love fairytale like transformations from the Orchestra under Rasul Klychev. It will take place on December 28 at the Culture and Business Center of the Oil and Gas Complex.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper