Outcomes of the activity of security forces in 2017 are summed up

President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country, Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held the session of the State Security Council where the outcomes of the activity of military and law enforcement agencies in 2017 were summed up and further priority objectives of security forces were outlined.

First, secretary of the State Security Council, Defence Minister Ya. Berdiyev made report on the measures on strengthening of defence capability of the country, improvement of equipment and facilities base of National Army and training of professional military personnel undertaken last years. The report on the work of the structure under his supervision and fulfilment of the President's assignments as well as on the events dedicated to the celebration of the Motherland's Defender Day was presented.

Having highlighted that sovereign Turkmenistan would be always committed to the neutral status delegated by the United Nations that is the key factor of support of peace and stability in Central Asia, the Head of the State focused the attention at the main aspects of the military reform. Turkmen leader outlined the provision of high level of professional training of officer staff and ratings who have to master perfectly the skills of military art among the priority objectives.

After, the floor was given to Minister of Internal Affairs I. Mulikov who reported on the work performed for the last year for support of public order and prevention of crimes in the country. Report about the modernization of equipment and facilities base of the ministry and provision of structural departments with modern equipment was made.

Having noted the necessity of the increment of the work efficiency of internal affairs departments, the Head of Turkmenistan pointed at the importance of the improvement of legal and organizational basis of their activity. Turkmen leader highlighted strict control in fighting the crimes and provision of social security among the utmost objectives. In this context, the Supreme Commander ordered to take proper measures for the improvement of legal and professional culture of the MIA personnel. Having stressed the attention on timely activities for the compliance with fire safety and traffic rules, the Head of the State gave number of specific orders for the provision of relative structures with modern technical aids.

During the session, the Head of the State made serious reprimand to Minister of Internal Affairs I. Mulikov for improper fulfilment of the duties and personnel omissions, haven given the last warning to correct admitted shortcomings as soon as possible.

After, the report of the Head of the State Border Guard Service B. Gundogdiyev on the results of the activity of the divisions under his command in 2017 as well as on practical measures undertaken by the order of the Supreme Commander for provision of high service readiness of border guard personnel was made.

Having emphasized huge responsibility of border guard personnel who have to be on high alert performing their military duty, the Head of the State requested the Head of the Service to continue improving the level of military training and patriotic education of young defenders of the Motherland.

Chairman of the Supreme Court G. Halliyev made report on the work of national judicial system for the period under review.

The Head of the State noted the necessity of making of all conditions for improvement of the efficiency and quality of justice system paying utmost attention to careful selection of personnel. The activity of judicial authorities is to be aimed at high targets and objectives of the State course, the President highlighted, having given number of specific assignments to the Chairman of the Supreme Court.

Speaking next Prosecutor General B. Atdayev reported on the work performed in 2017, which key vector is the control of strict compliance to the law as well as on the results of the inspections conducted by the order of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

It is necessary to take proper measures for the provision of the supremacy of the law, protection of rights and freedoms of the citizens, interests of the society and the state, the Head of the State said, having addressed the Prosecutor General with the orders on control of the fulfilment of national and specific programmes and plans for the development of the regions.

After, Minister of National Security reported on the activity of the department under his command for the period under review and specific measures undertaken by the MNS for the support of peace and stability in the country, which are inherent conditions for successful solution of the objectives of the state development.

Making special mention of the role of the Ministry of National Security in provision of stable and favourable social and political climate in the country, the Head of the State pointed at the necessity of immaculate discipline of the personnel of the department protecting national interests. The President of Turkmenistan defined systematic improvement of the qualification of personnel and military staff of the ministry among the priority objectives.

Director of the State Anti-Economic Crime Service of Turkmenistan M. Chakiyev reported on the work carried out by the department for the period under review.

All activities in this direction have to have integrated character, the Head of the State highlighted, having pointed at the necessity of the realization of anticorruption educational programmes explaining the causes and factors raising the corruption, legal principles and mechanisms of combating of it among the government officials. It is necessary to study and use advanced international practice, the President noted and gave relative instructions to the Head of the Service.

Chairman of the State Custom Service A. Osmanov reported on the work for the past year.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that at present time, considerable increase of the volumes of international cargo traffic crossing custom border of our country is observed. In this context, the Head of the State pointed out big responsibility of custom officers, having highlighted the subject of professional personnel.

Minister of Justice B. Muhammedov reported on the work for improvement and further consolidation of legislation base of the country taking into account universal standards on international law performed in 2017 and the course of legal reform initiated by the Head of Turkmenistan.

Having listened to the report, the Head of the State emphasized the necessity of systematic monitoring of national legislation and the proposals on the elaboration of new bills. Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces also noted the importance of the improvement of the mechanism of explanation of legal documents that came into effect to the population, having addressed number of assignments on this account.

During the session, the President signed the Decree on entitlement of Minister of Justice, Junior Counsellor of Justice B. Muhamedov with the rank of Counsellor of Justice.

After, Chairman of the State Migration Service M. Gurdov reported on the work for the period under review, integrated measures for registration of foreign citizens coming to the country and prevention of illegal migration.

The growth of number of foreign guests, representatives of social, political and business circles and tourists coming to Turkmenistan from all over the world was observed recently, the President highlighted, having noted that this fact visually indicates growing interest to our country, its richest history and high modern achievements. Speaking of the input of the personnel of Migration service to the establishment of friendship and beneficial cooperation relations with different states, the Head of the State ordered to implement actively the worlds advanced practice in this sphere.

Summing up the outcomes of work made by security forces in 2017, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted the key aspects of the Military doctrine. In New Year, the activity of relative departments has to be based taking into account the importance of modernization of National army, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country noted. Improvement of social and living conditions of military personnel and their families remains among the priorities of the reform in this sphere, the Head of Turkmenistan continued, having highlighted that the State would continue taking targeted measures in this direction. The President ordered to train the personnel in strict compliance with set requirements.

Number of other subjects, on which appropriate decisions were taken, has been discussed at the session of the State Security Council.

Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan