Outcomes of the first phase of the EC project Support of Education System in Turkmenistan are summed up

First session of the Management Committee of the European Project Support of Education System in Turkmenistan, which has been started in the end of 2016, was held in Ashgabat. 19 collective members of the Committee coordinating joint work took part in the meeting. The Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan is a main beneficiary of the project, which is implemented with participation of four international experts from Germany, Latvia and Greece.

The main objectives of the project, which is aimed at correspondence of professional education to the requirements of different branches in qualified specialists, are improvement of teaching level, modernization of educational programme and materials in accordance with advanced European practice and analysis of labour market.

During the meeting, the report on realization of the first phase of the project was presented and the aspects of fulfilment of its technical specifications were reviewed. The Management Committee, consisting of representatives of the Ministries of Education, Foreifn Affairs, Economy and Development, Finance, Agriculture and Water Management, Construction and Architecture, Textile Industry, Motor Transport as well as government departments, trade unions and non-governmental organizations, coordinates the work.

Training seminars and educational events dedicated to priority aspects of the development of educational system, use of international experience and implementation of innovative training methods will be organized under the project.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper