Outlines of the new complex

The contours of a new residential complex being built in the city of Dashoguz along the road leading to the international airport are becoming more and more clear. Many construction enterprises of the region are involved in its construction, including private business structures.

The complex is the largest of the residential areas being built these days in the administrative centre of the northern velayat and will be built in stages over several years on an area of seventy-one hectares. It will include dozens of four-story residential buildings with improved planning, designed for a total of 1,496 apartments, which will be distinguished by spacious dimensions and increased comfort. The entire territory adjacent to them will be landscaped, illuminated and planted, the complex will also provide sites for gardening and parking for cars. Among the social, cultural and medical facilities planned for construction are a modern health centre, a kindergarten for 240, and a comprehensive school for 600 students, the House of Life.

The array will have a developed infrastructure, all kinds of necessary types of engineering networks will be built for it, providing the supply of water, heat and electricity; sewerage system and others. In accordance with the modern requirements of urban planning, it is planned to widely use the underground type of laying engineering communications. Thus, the length of the supply conduit here will be 4600 meters, heating mains - 5400 meters. The new array will be served by two sewage pumping stations, a new electrical substation, a total of 30 transformers will be installed, including those with a modular design, which allows for a larger number of connections on a smaller area. More than 440 poles are planned to be erected to lay the street lighting system.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper