“Ovadan ulke” expands the range

The specialists of the Ovadan Ulke enterprise, located in the Ak Bugday etrap, started the new harvesting season for the first time in June with the production of a wide range of berry jam.

Apricot, cherry, strawberry, blackberry jams, packaged for convenience in glass containers 480, 900 grams, appeared on the shelves of stores under the trademarks "Nur" and "Mylayym", canned vegetables and fruits, fruit jams, tomato paste and adjika are widely represented. Delicacies were prepared in the factory from environmentally friendly raw materials coming from farms,

Now the factory workers are “packing” tomatoes, cucumbers, assorted and other vegetables of the new crop into jars. The plant's marinated products will be represented by all kinds of assorted vegetable varieties, such as pickled cucumbers with tomatoes, with cabbage and carrots, cucumbers and sweet peppers, home-made pickled tomatoes, pickled garlic, and, finally, pickled cucumbers popular with the population, chopped vegetables with onions in glass jars with a volume of 480 and 900 grams.

The assortment of the trade mark "Khazyna" this year will be expanded due to the production of pickled cucumbers and tomato paste in glass containers of 900 grams. Until the end of the procurement period, entrepreneurs will offer customers under the trademarks "Nur", "Mylaiym" and "Khazyna" at least twenty types of long-term storage products.

Entrepreneurs are expanding the range of products of the cottonseed oil processing and mayonnaise production workshop. In February of this year, under the brand name "Khazyna", shop craftsmen mastered the production of "spread" - a vegetable-fat mixture for cooking, various pastries. Typically, this product is made from milk fat and/or vegetable oils (sunflower, olive, corn, palm, etc.), sometimes with the addition of various ingredients such as cream, milk, and buttermilk. At Ovadan Street, the spread is produced in containers weighing 5, 10, 20 kilograms. In October, it is planned to master the production of a spread for a retail network in a 200-gram package and melted butter of the Nur and Khazyna trademarks in various packages (700 grams, 7 and 15 kilograms).

The Ovadan Ulke plant was the first in Turkmenistan to start producing mayonnaise and margarine from local cottonseed oil. The preparation of this important ingredient for our own needs - at the enterprise itself - is one of the main activities of the plant. Here, before using cottonseed oil in food production, it goes through all stages of processing: refining, deodorization, freezing. The resulting product - refined oil - has no taste and smell. It is further used for the production of margarine, chocolate and mayonnaise, which is not inferior in taste to traditional sunflower oil. Moreover, the composition of cottonseed oil has the best physical performance for the production of mayonnaise.

Based on local raw materials - refined cottonseed oil - the factory workers have launched the production of natural dessert paste with cocoa and hazelnuts with excellent taste, without the addition of soy and foreign ingredients.

Imported raw materials for mayonnaise and ketchup of the highest quality are delivered from European countries. Suppliers of raw materials are proven large manufacturers whose products meet international standards.

The release of new types of products is the result of the successful work of many factory specialists who are focused on expanding the range, improving the quality of food products intended not only for the domestic market, but also for export.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper