Over 200 individuals detained in the south of Turkmenistan in a special operation to combat drug trafficking

Detentions of drug dealers are ongoing in the south of Turkmenistan. According to correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”, 116 individuals have been detained so far. These are primarily residents of the rural areas in Akhal and Balkan velayats located along the Turkmen-Iranian border.

A few days ago law enforcement officers detained eight residents of the village of Bendesen, Serdar etrap, Balkan velayat as well as conscripts doing military service in the border unit near the village of Köne kesir, Magtymguly etrap, Balkan velayat.

On 1 February correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” reported that a special operation was being carried out by law enforcement officers in Ashgabat and its suburbs to combat drug trafficking from Iran.

At that time some 30 individuals had been detained and a cache had been located in a cemetery near Ashgabat where 25 kilos of drugs had been stored. According to the investigating officers, about 300 kilos of drugs had recently been delivered to Turkmenistan.

Drug dealers were also detained in the villages of Gökje, Akdasaýak and Garadasaýak. A cache, where 35 kilos of drugs were stored, was located in Garadasaýak.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan