Parahat HK is for the family

Parahat JSC is one of the leading manufacturers of juice, baby food, and snacks for families.

This enterprise produces all kinds of juices under the trademarks "JOSH" and "ECHIL". The juices are available in various sizes, do not contain GMOs, artificial colors, preservatives, and have a unique taste that appeals not only to children, but also to adults.

Children's clothing is also produced under the brand name "YESERJE". This product is a combination of delicious, natural products specially designed by Parahat Company for preschool and school age children. The food produced under the label "YESERJE" is made from natural fruits that help the baby to recover and recover. This product is so conveniently packed that kids of all ages can take it anywhere, whether it's school or kindergarten.

Juices and juices keep the benefit and taste of natural fruits at the highest level and contribute to the healthy development of the child, because they contain the optimal ratio of vitamins and minerals necessary for their health and growth, and their attractive and beautiful packaging will always please the child.

In 2017, a facility for the production of ketchup and tomato paste under the label "DAT" was commissioned. The product is packaged in a safe and secure Doy Pack container, making it convenient to use and store.

Currently, work is being carried out on the development and production of products for babies, that is, milk porridge from various grains.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper