Parents of a three-year-old girl ask the Ministry of Health of Turkmenistan to allow her to be taken abroad for treatment

The Ministry of Health of Turkmenistan refuses to issue a travel permit for a three-year-old girl , Meriem Nuraliyeva , to perform an operation , reports to perform an operation, Turkmen newsThe ministry argues that the operation can be done in the country.

The cardiologist revealed a defect in the oval window of the heart in the child. There are two options for his treatment: Turkmen doctors offer to cut the chest, thus getting to the heart and eliminating the defect. Foreign doctors can perform a much more gentle operation by running a special device through the artery, with which you can perform a small operation on the heart.


Meryem's father, who is in migration, provided a certificate from a Turkish clinic that the second option is possible in the case of his child. Moreover, this method is less traumatic, and Turkish doctors are more qualified. In this case, the operation is urgently needed: the child's condition is deteriorating.

In February, the child's mother went to the Ministry of Health to get permission to leave, but she was not even allowed into the building. She was told by phone at the checkpoint that the borders would open in May and she and her daughter would be able to fly out of the country as usual.

Since rumors about the opening of borders by a certain date have already arisen more than once, the woman turned to the Migration Service. There she was told that the Ministry of Health had told a lie and it was not known when the borders would be opened. During the second visit to the Ministry of Health, the mother of the child was told to bring a document in which the specialized doctor officially refuses to perform the operation. However, the surgeon does not give such a refusal.

A few weeks ago , Aiperi Annayeva was allowed to fly to Istanbul , who also needed the help of foreign doctors.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan