Park Moves to Appoint Four to Five Lawyer

President Park Geun-hye is reportedly moving to appoint additional lawyers to her team ahead of an independent counsel probe into her alleged involvement in the Choi Soon-sil sandal, which will kick off early next month.

According to legal sources on Monday, the president is seeking to appoint four to five lawyers to represent her.

Park already has former prosecutor Yoo Yeong-ha as her attorney and is believed to be forming a defense team comprised of prestigious lawyers who have experience with the prosecution or in the court room.

The president appears to be bracing for a long legal battle after the prosecution announced on Sunday that she was an accomplice in the crimes committed by her longtime friend Choi and her aides, An Chong-bum and Jeong Ho-seong.

It also seems that Park is anticipating the planned probe by an independent counsel recommended by opposition parties will be much more intensive and thorough than the ongoing investigation by the prosecution.

Source: KBS World Radio