Parliamentary elections continue in Turkmenistan

Elections of deputies of the Mejlis, members of the velayat, etrap and city halk maslahaty, as well as Gengeshes continue in Turkmenistan on a broad alternative basis.

According to the Central Election Commission, at 11 am local time, 43.73 percent of the total number of voters took part in the elections of members of the Mejlis, members of the velayat, etrap and city halk maslahaty - 43.66 percent, Gengeshes - 42.60 percent of the electorate.

It is known that the current elections were preceded by a lot of organizational work, which resulted in the active participation in them of a significant number of people who wished to participate in the elections. In particular, 515 candidates were registered for members of the velayat and 2001 members of the etrap and city halk maslahaty, 12,098 members of the Gengeshes and 258 applicants for the seat of the deputy of the Mejlis, whose nomination was initiated by political parties and individual groups of citizens.

It is noted that the current elections are of great interest in many countries of the region and the world. This is evidenced by the huge number of visits to the website of the Central Election Commission, where, in addition, there is an online broadcast from 240 polling stations.

The activity of participation in the elections was noted, and voting is also organized at polling stations abroad.

Immediate monitoring of the electoral process is carried out by international and national observers.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency