Participants of Amul – Hazar 2018 rally meet ‘The Karakums Glare’

In the morning, the participants of Maul � Hazar 2018 rally left 'Mary' camp located next to administrative territorial border of Lebap and Mary Velayat and went to the starting position of the second leg of the race.

The same evening, the participants of Amul � Hazar 2018 rally reached the second camping site located in Ahal Velayat � 'The Karakums Glare'. 55 out of 75 vehicles started that morning for another 228 kilometres part of the rally.

As the racers told, the first part of the route was very difficult while the second one was much easier as the pilots got used to the sands of Karakum Desert and confidently reached 'The Karakums Glare' camp.

Spanish crew, Nani Roma and Alex Haro are the leaders in total team count, however, British pilot Harry Hunt and his co-pilot Wouter Rosgaar have taken over Spanish team in the finish and won the second day of the race. Turkmen crew, Hojaguly Annamemmedov and Gaygysyz Akmyradov, was the third. The leaders of the race are just few minutes behind each other.

In heavy trucks, two Russian KAMAZ driven by Ayrat Mardeyev and Dmitry Sotnikov were the first to cross the finish. Belarusian crew piloted by Sergey Vyzovich is in the third position.

Belarusian � Turkmen team composed of Alexander Vasilevsky, Dmitry Vikhrenko and Begnazar Nuryagdiyev are among the ten of the fastest trucks. They moved 5 position forward on the second day of the race.

The only female pilot, Yulia Migunova, with her co-pilot Igor Petenko has distinguished herself. Their Toyota was the first in T2 category.

Upon arrival to the camp, tired guest were expected with good dinner, cultural programme and opportunity to see one of the most popular attractions of our country.

At the camping site, organizer of the rally Jean Louis Schlesser was congratulated on his birthday. Legendary racer marked his 70th anniversary on Turkmen land.

'The Karakums Glare' is the world famous attraction site located in Ahal Velayat, Turkmenistan. The fire erupts from the huge crater located in the centre of the desert. The view of fire burning among white sands of the Karakums fascinates and intrigues even experienced travellers.

Approaching 'The Karakums Glare' in the daylight, you will not be able to understand why this place attracts the visitors. Desert landscapes, bright blue sky, all of these can be enjoyed without going too deep to the desert. But after the sun goes down, the air above the crater starts glimmering with various shades of crimson. The gas bursts out to the surface through the sandstone and ignites making surrounding air hotter. Look around this attraction early in the evening, the tourist enjoy captivating view of the crater sinking slowly to the darkness and orange flames on the background of the sun going down over the desert.

The race is continued and the third round is starting on September 13, the participants of the rally will have to drive 236 kilometres. After, they will have rest att eh camping site next to Altyn Asyr Turkmen Lake.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper