Participants of the conference in the State Art Academy of Turkmenistan look around the exhibition of young artists

The State Art Academy hosted the event dedicated to slogan of 2019 Turkmenistan � Home of Prosperity. Tutors and students of art educational institute, prominent representatives of visual art of the country have been invited to participate in scientific and practical conference.

The participants highlighted that development of culture, formation of the state ideology based on spiritual values of Turkmen nation are one of priority directions of the state policy. Representatives of younger generation of art personnel will have to make desrvign contribution to further prosperity of the country.

The participants of the conference noted that art component is an integral part of the events of the year under slogan Turkmenistan � Home of Prosperity. Being an important component of development process of modern state, national cultural sphere not only responds to the requirements of society but also accumulates the potential for further promotion of Turkmenistan along the way of reforms.

It was highlighted that the slogan of 2019 attracts the attention not only to modern achievements of our country but also to deep layers of national cultural heritage allowing imaging it widely and more versatile.

Semantic direction of slogan Turkmenistan � Home of Prosperity was reflected in topical exposition opened in the gallery of the Art Academy. Students of the Academy presented rich style palette of modern visual and decorative and applied arts. Painting and graphics, small sculptures, ceramics, jewellery, tapestries and carpet items, projects of young architects and designers ae among the exhibits.

The events dedicated to slogan of 2019 Turkmenistan � Home of Prosperity are going on involving the representatives of different spheres, all Turkmenistan citizens who aim to new achievements for the progress.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper