Participants of the forum discuss the role of Turkmenistan in restoration of the Silk Route in new format

The Institute of International Relations of the Foreign Ministry hosted International Conference Diplomacy of the Silk Road: Triumph of Peace, Friendship and Cooperation timed to the Day of Diplomatic Personnel of Turkmenistan.

Representative of diplomatic corps of Turkmenistan as well as diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in our country, university lecturers and students took part in the forum.

The speakers highlighted during the plenary session that the Concept of foreign course of neutral Turkmenistan in 2017 � 2023 stipulating the improvement of the role of our state in the world, intensification of beneficial cooperation with different countries and international organizations was developed and is currently implemented under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Slogan of 2018 Turkmenistan � the Heart of the Great Silk Road gave impulse to the activation of popularization of large-scale achievements of our country, its richest historical and cultural heritage in the world as well as to the expansion of political, trade and economic, cultural and humanitarian relations.

It was mentioned that book of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Turkmenistan � the Heart of the Great Silk Road is a fundamental work narrating in details about the civilizations prospered on the territory of modern Turkmenistan, about the sources of the state policy based on the principles of friendship and peace-loving. In modern conditions when restoration of this strategically important international line became historical mission, Turkmenistan use its diplomacy for fulfilment of this project.

It was highlighted in the report presented at the forum that the initiatives of the Head of the State on provision of environmental and energy safety, formation of international transport corridors, peaceful regulation of the situation in Afghanistan and development of important international regulatory documents receive wide support of the world community. Turkmenistan makes considerable input to the solution of urgent issues of the present.

Transparency of Turkmenistan, its willingness for multilateral cooperation, responsiveness to positive world practice and active peace-making position in solution of regional and global issues became important factors of the success of foreign strategy of our state. All of these are the sides of Turkmen neutrality that became efficient mechanism of the protection of national interests and diversification of international cooperation in priority directions of the world's development.

Unanimous adoption of the UN General Assembly Resolution on Declaration of December 12 as International Neutrality Day is the evidence of general recognition of Turkmenistan foreign policy.

Speaking of the ancient history of our people, our and foreign diplomats mentioned that Turkmen rulers from the times primordial developed friendship relations and trade connections with neighbouring countries and with the states located in other regions of the world. This fact is proven by numerous written sources and archaeological artefacts discovered at the monuments of Nisa, Merv and Kunyaurgench as well as by the works of great poets, philosophers and government officials.

Today, the policy of positive neutrality is actual mechanism of improvement of friendly neighbour relations between the states and peoples based on the principles of sovereign equality, respect of territorial integrity, non-interference in the internal affairs and regulation of the disputes of peaceful means.

Under celebration events, young diplomats and high grade students of the Institute of International Relations of the Foreign Ministry have been awarded with special diplomas for active participation in the implementation of foreign strategy of the country.

The theme of the meeting was highlighted by the exhibition expanded in the foyer and organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with diplomatic mission of the states accredited in our country. The concert with the participation of art bands of the capital universities was excellent musical gift to the participants and guests of the forum.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper