Parties Lock Horns on Path Forward

Rival parties stand in stark contrast over state affairs following the president's apologetic news conference on Friday.

The opposition declares it will launch a campaign to bring down the administration if the president does not retract her unilateral prime minister nomination and retire from state governance.

The ruling Saenuri Party meanwhile urged the opposition to cooperate in normalizing state affairs considering the state of the economy.

Saenuri Spokesman Kim Sung-won said Saturday that if the opposition attempts to provoke public emotions, ride on public anger and paralyze state affairs, that will bring about enormous consequences.

He said bipartisan cooperation is imperative to stabilize the public's livelihood.

Floor spokesman Ki Dong-min of the main opposition Democratic Party also said that opinion polls show that 95 percent of South Koreans believe the president no longer has the ability or is qualified to perform her duties as president.

He said this means the public is asking her to back off from state affairs.

Minor opposition People's Party's floor spokesman Lee Yong-ho also criticized the presidential office for ignoring the angry voices of the public.

Source: KBS World Radio