Patients of Turkmenistan’s tuberculosis clinics complain about malnutrition

During the years of independence tuberculosis clinics, which had been previously located in urban areas, were moved to remote villages. The Ashgabat tuberculosis clinic was transferred 160 kilometers away to Dusak, while the Ioleten clinic was moved to over 60 kilometers away in the village of Imambaba.

According to correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan, owing to the transfer of medical facilities to the provinces, it has become more complicated to supply groceries and medications there. It is quite challenging for patients and their relatives who visit them to get to the clinics.

The patients complain about poor nutrition. For instance, for breakfast patients get bread, some margarine instead of butter, which is sufficient only to spread it on a piece of bread, a table spoon of sugar and a glass of milk. For lunch pumpkin or cabbage soups and pasta are served, for dinner � boiled pumpkin or fried cabbage and a cup of sour cream.

Two new two-storey buildings were added to the facilities of the tuberculosis clinic in Dusak, which eventually improved the living conditions for patients. However, the nutrition is as poor and scarce as in Imambaba.

Another problem is the low qualification level of medical staff. Highly skilled healthcare practitioners prefer to work in towns rather than in remote rural areas.

The Centre for Prevention and Treatment of Contagious Diseases located in Chogangly has a tuberculosis department. Yet, due to a limited number of beds, it is almost impossible to get admitted there, even for residents of Ashgabat. For this reason people have to undergo treatment at home, which does not guarantee cure.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan