Paulina Karwowska: Turkmenistan demonstrates commitment to principles of the WHO Global Epidemic Monitoring System

The Foreign Ministry hosted the meeting with heads and representatives of the United Nations agencies and specialized institutes accredited in our country.

Permanent Coordinator of the UN in Turkmenistan, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General, Head of the UN Regional Centre of Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia, Head of the UNICEF and WHO Representative Offices took part in the session.

The subjects under discussion included perspectives of cooperation in realization of joint plans and programmes. Having noted strategic character of the partnership, Permanent Coordinator of the UN in Turkmenistan Elena Panova expressed gratitude to Turkmen side for permanent support.

It was highlighted that the UN highly appreciates the input of our country to development of constructive international cooperation in different spheres, fully supports creative initiatives of the Head of the State, which is indicated by number of the Resolutions adopted by the UN General Assembly.

It was noted at the meeting that necessary and timely measures are taken in the country under the leadership of the Head of the State for prevention of intrusion into the country and prevention of dangerous infection diseases. This work is carried out according to recommendations of the World Health Organization taking into account national legislation.

It was highlighted that Turkmenistan carries out educational activity aimed at enhancement of the level of awareness of the population about health and preventive measures, which is an important component of epidemiological monitoring.

International certificates about elimination of number of infectious diseases in the country is an undisputable recognition of success of Turkmenistan in solution of objectives set by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for health protection of the population.

Head of the WHO Country Office Paulina Kwarowska noted that Turkmenistan demonstrates commitment to the principles of the WHO Global Epidemic Monitoring System and taking of response measures, having expressed confidence in continuation of the partnership in health protection of the nation.

It is worth mentioning that our country pays special attention to reduction of infectious diseases and realization of programmes of total immunization. Several new vaccines have been introduced into national vaccination calendar. All these integrated work is carried out according to recommendations of the World Health Organization and was approved by it.

For non-admission of intrusion of the above-mentioned infection to our country, Control centres of the Emergency Commission for Combating of infectious diseases have been opened at the request of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The participants of the meeting extended gratitude to Turkmen side for responsible approach to this subject.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper

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