People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Murat Bayramgeldiyev is talented vocalist and keen gardener

Recently, the phrase ecological culture is heard more often. It is used in different contexts like one of the aspects of global sustainable development, national social and economic policy, environmental protection and moral education.

Today, neat and well-attended, clean and well-planned appearance of Ashgabat is the best evidence that Turkmenistan has entered the stage of formation of ecological culture, which serves as an example for many states of the world.

Ecological culture is a concept that does comprehensively involves the sysytm of spiritual values, ethical principles, vision of the world, complex of the government measures, economic mechanisms, legal standards and social institutes. Personal responsibility of every individual in regards to the environment, his own activity, conscious behaviour, ability to aim his endeavour and ability to practical direction bringing the benefits to people by its own abilities at its own place is in the centre of all of these.

Ecological culture has many levels. Starting from the individual's house, it spreads as circles in water covering the city or the village, country, planets And the more people having ecological thinking the broader these circles the better is the environment around us and our life. Our story is about one of them.

All tenants in this house are artistic people. Not matter what door one is knocking on, popular artist, composer, journalist or painter will open it. We have already knocked on the door of the apartment of Murat Bayramgeldiyev as he is not only a famous singer but also grows beautiful flowers in the garden near the house. It is impossible to pass by this small garden without admiration. That is why we were keen who made such a paradise among massive high-rise buildings and the residents told with pleasure about their good neighbour with whom we decided to meet closer.

Murat inherited his agricultural talent from his father Bayramgeldy-aga, who used to live all his life in fertile land of Sumbar Valley in Garkyly settlement. No matter what plants he touched, it turned into blossom and starts bearing fruits. He used to be respectably referred as Michurin by the neigbours for this wonderful gift. There was only one thing that distressed Bayramgeldy- aga - it was seven years since he married but the God did not give him any kids. But all of the sudden, they suddenly recollect of him in the heaven and eleven children were born in Bayramgeldy-aga's family. Thus the family turned to be with many children one. During those times, the families with many children were given with additional land plots. It could not help making Bayramgedly-aga and his forth son Murat, who stayed from dawn until dusk in the garden planting the saplings, earthing up the trees and cutting unnecessary springs. Just like for his father it was pleasure for him to do such work.

But unlike his father, he also sang while at home or working on the land. Murat inherited beautiful strong voice and phenomenal memory from his uncle Hojadurdy Annayev, the People's Artist of Turkmenistan and spouse of Turkmenistan Hero Maya Kuliyeva. It was enough for him to hear the romance or song over the radio in order to reproduce it after precisely.

After eight years in school, he decided to join vocal department of Danatar OVezov Musical College but his documents were not accepted because of his age. When you are fifteen, there is a mutation in the vocal chords and the training is dangerous for the voice. Singing and cheerful lad got the job at the bakery plant and became friend at once with everyone in the team. After he performed at the concert in the plant's club, they have started call him our Bul-bul ogly.

Two years flew by and the study in musical college has started. When he was second year student, Murat started making some money as a chorus singer in Magtumguly Opera and Ballet Theatre. While his piers from different region were waiting impatiently for the parcels form home, Murat was sending beautiful fabrics to his mother and if he was lucky new clothes for his sisters and brothers. But what is most important, Murat performing with the chorus joined professional stage and learned how to feel free himself in front of the public.

After graduation of musical college, Murat Bayramgeldiyev was taken to Turkmen State Pedagogical Arts Institute. He joined the vocal department headed by excellent mentor, Honoured Artist of Turkmenistan Byashim Artykov.

- Formation of opera voice is complicated process mainly depending upon good atmosphere in artistic environment, - Murat Bayaramgeldiyevich says. � I was lucky in this regard. My uncle Hojadurdy and his famous wife Maya Kuliyeva generously shared her professional secrets to me. I used to work with such tenors as Yuri Udalov, People's Artist of Turkmenistan Gurt Nazarov, Aydogdy Kurbanov who gave a lot.

After the graduation, I was left to teach at the department of music and singing. I, dreaming of the stage, was very disappointed. After five years, I was taken to Opera and Ballet Theatre and performing on the backstage dreamt of the main parts.

My stage carrier was changed when I joined the group of Gulnara Nuriyeva. Our voices harmonized with each other in timbre and shortly we started performing leading roles. This woman brings luck to me, - I thought, and after several years we joined our destinies.

Gulnara is from the family of honoured arts worker of Turkmenistan, melody composer Orazklych Kurbanniyazov. Their house was often visited by People's Artist of the USSR Maya Shahberdiyeva and People's Artist of Turkmenistan Roza Turayeva. They used to sing under the accompaniment of my wife's father and Gulnara and her mother used to listen. By the way, there was unbelievable story with Gulnara's mother Zinaida Petrovna. When she was two, she lost her parents at war. She didn't have any documents and fair-haired girl was taken to the orphanage and gave her name Zina Petrova. She was good in singing and after few years she was sent to the orphanage for gifted children.

When she grew up, she entered the courses of TV and radio singers where she met composer Orazklych Kurbanniyazov and married him shortly. Zinaida Petrovna gave up the singer carrier having, dedicated herself to the family. 30 years after the war, she was found by her elder sister Gozel, who told that when the girl with fair hair was born in their family she was named Akchagul meaning white flower. Thus, Zinaida Petrovna got the sister and turned to Turkmen woman from Russian.

But this was not the only thing that shook new family member Murat Bayramgeldiyev to the innermost of his heart. His wife's father showed him family relics � the gyjak that was more than 200 years old. This musical instrument was made by musician from Karakala Ali Seyid. The neck of gyjak is made of apricot tree while the body of pumpkin vessel.

The legends says that Ali Seyid was fumigating the pumpkin for fifteen years and only after that used it to make the instrument. The gyjak was distinguished by such clear voice that the musician devised it to his best student Halmamed Annanurov. The third owner of the gyjak was the musician for Etrek, the great grandfather of Gulnara, who passed the family relics to his son Gurbannniyaz and the latter one to his son, the father of Gulnara. At present, Gulnara's son, Emir Bayramgeldiyev, the flute department student of Special Music Boarding School under Turkmen National Conservatory is the sixth owner of the unique instrument.the family carefully preserves the gyjak, which plays divine charming sounds. It is kept in the cover made of fine felt mat decorated with charm � the alaja. Today, the gyjak is more of sacral value rather than of practical one.

The interesting facts of Bayramgeldiyevs do not stop at this. The spouses received the titles of People's Artists of Turkmenistan on the same day! The telephone was ringing non-stop, - Gulnara recollects. - Murat's relatives and my people as well as friends and unknown people from all over the country were congratulating us.

Murat Mayramgeldiyev tried himself as a composer. Having inspired by the poetry of Allayar Churiyev and received his permission, he wrote several songs to the lyrics by National Author of Turkmenistan, which they sing successfully at the concerts with his wife.

In 20111, people's Artists of Turkmenistan Murat Bayramgeldiyev and Gulnara Nuriyeva had a beautiful present from Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the key from high comfort apartment in Artistic town. The happiness was doubled for Murat by the land plot in front of the entrance. Having seen the plot of uncultivated land, I felt as if I returned back to the childhood, - he says. � I brought the best species of roses, currant, cherry, weeping willow, silver poplar and many other springs. I planted a plane tree in the middle of the garden.

At 6 in the morning, Murat goes down by the elevator from the twelfth floor to miniature botanical garden that is opened for everyone and, singing his favourite songs, takes care of his plants. He generously shares the harvest of his little paradise with the neighbours presenting them with songs and flowers as well.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper