Phone Recording Reveals Choi Soon-sil Demanded Documents

Anchor: The prosecution has secured evidence that Choi Soon-sil had access to classified government documents. A mobile phone belonging to a former presidential aide has revealed recordings of Choi demanding documents from the aide and discussing top secrets.

Our Kim In-kyung has more.

Report: The prosecution has discovered that President Park Geun-hye's friend Choi Soon-sil, who has no official post, had prior access to presidential and government documents.

Authorities said Tuesday that digital analyses of some 200 documents in Choi's tablet computer have revealed that excluding one or two, they were all incomplete versions before being given official document numbers.

Materials leaked to Choi include the president's speeches, presidential transition committee documents on secret meetings with North Korea, Foreign Ministry papers containing the president's itinerary for overseas trips and Cabinet meeting scripts.

After investigating government and top office officials who wrote the documents, the prosecution believes former secretary for private presidential affairs Jeong Ho-seong leaked them to Choi after receiving them through official and unofficial routes.

A confiscated mobile phone belonging to Jeong is said to have revealed phone conversations in which Choi demands documents from him.

The recordings are also said to contain discussions on the agenda for meetings of senior presidential secretaries, which are normally kept completely under wraps.

As a result, the prosecution plans to question Jeong on the extent of Choi's intervention in state affairs.

Jeong is said to have already testified that he handed over the materials, including the president's speeches, on Park's orders, noting that the president wanted to seek advice before delivering them to the public.

Park partially acknowledged that she directed the leakage of documents in a public apology over the scandal on October 25th. She said she received suggestions from Choi even after her inauguration, but stopped receiving help from her after the presidential organization was overhauled.

Kim In-kyung, KBS World Radio News.

Source: KBS World Radio