Photo exhibition “Mexico: The Variety of Cultures” is opened in the Museum of Visual Arts

Representatives of the Ministry of Culture, embassies accredited in Turkmenistan, artists and photographers, students of the State Academy of Arts and visitors of the museum took part in the opening ceremony of the exposition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Turkmenistan and the United States of Mexico.

Organizers of the exhibition, the ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan and the Embassy of the United States of Mexico, introduced the variety of Mexican traditions, interesting facts of the history and culture of the country to Ashgabat citizens and the guests of the capital.

One could sense warm climate and charm of the people living in this country from bright exotic pictures.

Beautiful mountains and vegetable scenes, the Temple of Kukulcan dated by 8 � 12 centuries as well as pedestal to the temple in the shape of ancient pyramid looking like the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, old but well preserved architecture, exotic underground lake, all of these impress with historical significance and peerless beauty.

Men's monastery consisted from the complex of building in baroque is among architectural masterpieces. Today, this is a museum where the collection of artefacts of pre-Columbus period is kept. There are botanical garden on the territory of the monastery representing fauna wealth of the region.

The history of another place, the castle of Saint Juan de Ulua in Veracrus state, is dated by the times of Spanish colonization of Mexico. Its construction started in 1566. Washed by the Pacific Ocean, the walls of the castle brings severe mood to general view, which is emphasized by the sculpture of stone cannon. Once, one of the fortress of the castle was a prison for dangerous criminals.

In 19th century, the Cabanas asylum for orphans and low-income people, which was included to the UNESCO World's Heritage List, was built in Mexico. The interior of the facility is decorated by the series of wall paintings, the bright example of Mexican art. The asylum became famous owing to Jose Clemente artist who made his pictures in co-authorship with little-known or novice painters.

The photo of blue agave plantation is very beautiful. This exotic plants is represented in landscaping design of Turkmen capital. The view of its huge plantation of blue agave is impressive. It is used for production of alcohol. The author of the picture says that for 2 000 years, the agave was used in Mexico for making beverages and fabrics.

Ritual dance Volador on one of the photos is related with the fertility cult. Group of drummers and flutists accompanying the song dedicated to the sun placed themselves on the small platform located on fresh cut tree from 18 to 40 meters height. By the end of the ritual, the musicians tied by ropes to the platform jump from it fly in circles. This breathtaking show is extreme and fascinating. It is obvious that the Mexicans take great care of their cultural heritage and preserved national identity.

The camera captured the moment of bright, colourful and joyful festival Galagetsa, which is annually celebrated in the State of Oaxaca in July. The word galagetsa means exchange of gifts and hospitality. The photo indicates that the Mexicans are open, hard working and hospitable people.

The visitors of the exhibition were impressed with what they saw. Versatile photo exposition present entirely the richness of the culture, history and traditions of Mexico.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper