Plastic packaging and dishes made from Turkmen polypropylene

Lyalezar Zaman Individual Enterprise in Bayramali, Mary Velayat expands the range of products. The famous producer of construction materials from polyvinyl chloride has launched the production of dishes from polypropylene, produced at the Turkmanbashi complex of oil refineries.

The individual enterprise produces plastic glasses, packages for curdled dairy and mea products as well as polypropylene film.

The high-tech equipment of Lyalezar Zaman Individual Enterprise that was founded in 2012 produces up to 20,000 meters of high-quality finishing materials daily. The specialists, who completed internship abroad, work for the company.

Currently, the enterprise produces more than 400 types of PVC hanging profile, plastic skirting-boards for suspended ceilings, two- and three-zone curtain rods and cable channels of various sizes.

The products manufactured by the Lyalezar Zaman Individual Enterprise are known not only on the domestic market, they are exported to Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper