PM Nominee Vows to Create Bipartisan Cabinet

Prime minister nominee Kim Byong-joon has vowed to fully exercise his authority to create a bipartisan, neutral Cabinet in close consultation with the opposition camp.

In a news conference on Thursday, the nominee addressed his plans for the scandal-ridden government.

While noting that President Park Geun-hye entrusted him with full authority over social and economic affairs, Kim said that he will consult on a wide range of issues with the parliament through a permanent consultative apparatus.

The nominee also told reporters that it is possible for the prosecution to probe the president under his watch, stressing that all people are equal before the law. However, he cautiously added that appropriate procedures and methods must be adopted in the event the leader of the country is investigated.

Kim said that he could recommend the president to withdraw from the ruling Saenuri Party if her being a party member is regarded to be hampering state affairs.

Source: KBS World Radio