Police officers of Turkmenistan are looking for pornography and political materials in the phones of schoolchildren

In Turkmenistan, police are sifting through schoolchildren’s mobile phones looking for VPN services, pornography and political material. This is reported by Radio Azatlyk and Turkmen news .


One of the parents of schoolchildren in Mary said that the phones were taken away from schoolchildren. To return them, parents were summoned to the school, who were asked if the children read banned websites, in particular, independent information publications, and also demanded that the children leave their phones at home, Azatlyk writes.


In the Balkan velayat, parents of students whose phones had VPN applications found were summoned to the Ministry of National Security and “accused of irresponsible attitude to raising children.”


According to Turkmen news, similar checks were carried out in other velayats.


In Mary, inspectors told schoolchildren they were interested in pornography and political materials. They carefully looked through the photo gallery and browser history.


In Ashgabat, in addition to phones, the police were interested in the uniforms of students. The girls’ nails were checked, which should not have a manicure; they were also required to wear the same green color to match the Turkmen flag.


At school No. 7, skullcaps were checked, on which patterns and ornaments of the Teke tribe should be embroidered.


“Earlier, sources in Garabogaz of the Balkan velayat have already reported about such requirements. Although this city is mostly inhabited by the Yomud tribe, local schoolchildren were also ordered to buy “Teke” skullcaps, the newspaper reports.





Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan