Polimex ceases the construction of the motorway in Turkmenbashi, CEO flees Turkmenistan

The Turkish construction company Polimex ceased the construction of the toll motorway Ashgabat-Turkmenbashi it was building pursuant to the contract, concluded with the Turkish government.

Correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan managed to find out that the Turkish authorities proposed the CEO of the Turkish company Erol Taban?a to build the motorway using the company's own funds and then reimburse the expenses from the revenues the motorway was expected to generate in the future.

However, Polimex and many other subcontractors have failed to receive payments from the Turkmen authorities for the construction objects they have already commissioned Source: Kazakhstan 2050 in particular, for the new airport in Ashgabat and some facilities built in the run-up to the Asian Games.

Due to financial difficulties Erol Taban?a decided to halt cooperation with the Turkmen side and leave the country.

In late December the personal plane of the CEO of the Turkish company was detained at Ashgabat airport. The Turkmen officials tried to prevent Tabanca from boarding the plane and accused him of failure to fulfill contractual obligations and fleeing the country. The fight broke out between Tabanca's body guards and representatives of the Turkmen side. Only the interference of Ashgabat khyakim Shamukhammet Durdyliev and Tabanca's promise to return to Turkmenistan in the nearest future to address all issues helped to resolve the conflict and the head of Polimex left Turkmenistan.

In spite of his promise, Tabanca did not come back and authorized his deputy Abdullah GAlzener to resolve the situation with the authorities of Turkmenistan. GAlzener failed to handle the task and exited the country in January leaving Erol Tabanca's brother, Guwen Tabanca, to deal with his brother's problems. Guwen, in his turn, left Turkmenistan in February.

Let us recall that the launch of the toll motorway construction was announced by Turkmen media outlets in early October 2017.

The works kicked off on the section Ashgabat-Ovadan-depe, near the village of Garry-kyariz, located not far from Gekdepe and near the village of Goch. The construction works of the office building were launched in Bereket (formerly, Gazandzhik). Recently the works have been carried out in the most challenging, as viewed by experts, section of the road which goes west from Ovadan-depe with about 60 kilometers of the motorway to be built in the sand.

Now all the works have been suspended and the workers left the construction site. One representative from Turkey and one from the Turkmen side were assigned to guard the machinery and auxiliary rooms at each section of the motorway where the works had been underway.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan