Polyphony of national traditions – at painters’ works

The exposition of the works by Turkmen painters, arranged at the Art Exhibition Centre, was dedicated to the Week of Culture. It is peculiar for the colors of traditions, conveyed through the variety of artistic techniques.

The work by Annakurban Halmuradov Yashuli aroused particular attention among the visitors to the exposition. Given that the exposition opened on the day of celebration of Oraza Bayramy, the elders, depicted at the painting coming out of the mosque in a festive mood are perceived symbolically. A boy and a girl walk ceremoniously ahead of a group of women, talking lively. The palette of festive emotions underlines the mental values, standing as the dominant idea of the painting.

A series of works is dedicated to the national holidays. Wedding cortege is the title of the work created by painter Baky Mommyyev. A fiancee riding a white camel is on the way to her fiance in the neighbouring village. Festively dressed riders accompany the caravan with the fiancee and her dowry. Rural people watch the procession with undisguised interest. What is their new neighbor like � gentle, polite and kind? Time will show, in the meantime, everybody is invited to a generous wedding.

Painter Rahat Rahimov continued the wedding theme in his work Toy. The artist depicted an ancient ritual of the second day after the wedding that brings together all the women and children in a village. A mother-in-law, who is solemnly covered with a white handkerchief, sits on the carpet in the center of the picture. She will settle a little boy, who sits on her lap, on the knees of her daughter-in-law � so that the family line continues. A daughter-in-law with a sister-in-law sit next to her.

According to the custom, jewelry 'guppa' is removed from the young daughter-in-law and put on the head of an unmarried sister-in-law - as a wish for the early marrieage proposal. The elders of the family line - ccustodians of family customs keeop the observance of all the subtleties of the ritual.

Kossek Nurmuradov pleased the visitors to the exhibition with a positive, colorfully and emotionally saturated picture Turkmen Shakhrasy. Written in the style of a book miniature, the painting resembles a group photo - it is so 'overpopulated with characters' that it seems that there was not a single person left in the village that did not get on the painting... People are on trestle beds, under trees, on trees. Carpets are scattered across the territory, where the holiday is held. The word 'shahrasi' in Turkmen means 'attitude'. By his work the painter emphasized that during a holiday any person is a guest for the Turkmens.

Among the paintings dedicated to sports, the visitors distinguish the work by Valentin Kudryashov The territory of Parthia. A group of bikers rushes along the road that once led to the Parthian kingdom. History and modernity - their worldview unity will always inspire people of art. The painting is created in a decorative style, therefore dandelions along the cyclists' way are as large as a sunflower. Bright colors underlines the beauty of those places.

The magnificence of the Kopetdag Mountains foothills is embodied in the work by Shemshat Mammedova Landscape. Beautiful Ahalteke horses graze on a meadow strewn with flowers in the foothills of the beautiful mountains. The morning sun, as if a painter, painted them with its harmonious palette. The graceful horses on the background of the spring transformation give a sense of spiritual dynamics.

A wonderful romantic picture Three girls was presented by Mered Akmuhammedov. The painting depicts a young rider with a dutar in his hands together with his girlfriend, and her two friends behind them pretend to talk lively. In fact, they watch the couple in love, being happy for them and little jealous of their happiness. Four characters of Mered Akmuhammedov express a rich palette of feelings and emotions, magnetically influencing the viewer's perception.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper