Popularization of historical and cultural heritage of Turkmenistan discussed in Ashgabat ?

The Museum of Fine Arts hosted a conference on the role of the mass media in popularizing the historical and cultural monuments of Turkmenistan. The conference aimed to boost the mass media activities in the sphere of popularization of the country's historical and cultural heritage.

The conference was attended by the heads of national historical and cultural reserves, representatives of research institutions, members of archaeological expeditions, students of higher education establishments and journalists.

The conference participants discussed the pace of implementation of the State Program of archaeological research of historical and cultural monuments located in Turkmenistan along the Silk Road. Work is currently underway under this program at Amul settlement, the Dayakhatyn caravanserai and the fortresses of Bolshaya Gizgala, Abdullahana, Dandanakan and many other sites.

Foreign experts also show interest in the historical monuments of Turkmenistan. Turkmen specialists and archaeologists from Russia, Italy, France, the USA, Great Britain, Poland and other countries regularly organize joint expeditions to the Turkmen historical monuments.

Source: Turkmenistan.ru